What is PE bags (Polyethylene bags) ? 8 types of PE bags commonly used in life ?

PE bags nowadays is quite useful for storing many different items and has become quite familiar in our lives. What are PE bags and how popular are they in life? Let’s check it out in the article below.

1. What is PE bags? Where are they used?

what is pe bags

PE bags (also known as plastic bags) are manufactured from primary or recycled PE plastic (the opaque white polyethylene plastic)

PE bag is thin, light, durable, hard to tear, capable of withstanding quite heavy loads, good resistance to water and chemicals. They are machined into many types, come in many different shapes, sizes, and are extremely handy

With many great advantages, PE bags are used extremely widely in life.

Besides, they are also used in chemical plants. The PE bag does not react easily to chemicals, grease, so chemicals cannot damage them and cannot be leaked outside. Therefore, PE bags are often found in chemical plants, industrial parks, where chemicals must be used regularly.

In these places, people use PE bags to wrap and preserve chemicals to prevent them from affecting the surrounding environment and humans for transportation, production, or use to store waste.

Moreover, PE bags are also used to store medical waste in hospitals or laboratories.

2. 8 types of common PE bags are used a lot in everyday life.

Plain PE bag

A plain PE bag is a bag with a smooth, flat surface without a handle. This type of bag must use a lanyard or mouth sealer to keep the contents from falling out.

Plain PE bags are produced in small sizes and usually used to store food (nuts, green tea, jam, …), retail products at shops, used in supermarkets, or in the medical sector (containing medicine, mask …). The larger sizes are manufactured for agriculture, industry, consumer products, and large packaging.

PE roll bags

PE roll bag is a handle-free bag, available in different colors and sizes.

This type of bag is usually made from recycled PE or biodegradable plastic and is popularly used in supermarkets or stores for the main purpose of storing food with small or medium sized bags.

Meanwhile, the larger PE roll bags are often used to store garbage in households, companies, factories …

PE T-shirt bags (PE bag with 2 handles):

This bag comes in two handles, available in a variety of colors from transparent, red, blue to black, with high strength, lightness, and ability to withstand heavy objects.

This type of bag is very popular and most widely used because its handles that help users easily move products. It is very easy to find them in most supermarkets, stores, grocery stores …

Glued PE bags

glued pe bags

The glued PE bags features a taller one-sided design and has a parallel adhesive layer. When using, users just need to remove the plastic protecting the glue and seal the bag. Thus, the preservation of goods becomes easier.

This type of bag is mainly used to preserve electronic components, stationery, toys, … and is also used to pack goods in import and export.

Antistatic PE bags

Antistatic PE bags have an outer layer made of PE plastic and the inner core is paper or plastic, capable of releasing electrostatic well, while also blocking light.

Because of its antistatic properties, these bags are used for packaging electronic items, electronic components, telecommunications products, integrated circuit boards, chips, …, or delivering goods.

Vacuum PE bags

Vacuum PE bags are made of thick PE plastic with the lid slot and the vacuum valve is made of silicon, increasing elasticity and airtight. This type of bag is widely used in the food industry, or for packing goods for travel.

When storing food in the bag and absorbing the air out, the inner environment is free of bacteria, helping the food inside to not be fermented, moldy, and keep fresh for a long time.

Die-cut PE bags

This is a plain bag perforated to form a handle so that goods can be easily moved, with a nice design that can be specially designed for brand promotion.

This type of bag is often used to hold take-away water cup, or to store clothes, goods in shops, supermarkets, …

PE zipper bag

A PE bag with a zipper on the top of the bag. This type of bag has the advantage of being durable, airtight, and safe when storing the goods inside. In addition, zipper bags also have 2-layer or 2-zipper bags, used to preserve goods more firmly, not being broken during transportation.

Because of the above advantages, this bag is used to store components, medical supplies, household goods, and especially food for cold storage.

3. Why are PE bags so popular?

It is not natural that PE bags are used so much and widely in everyday life. This is largely thanks to its outstanding features such as:

why pe bags so popular

Reasonable price

Because PE bags are made from virgin PE or recycled PE plastic, they are low cost, abundant in supply, easy to process to the desired shape, easy to use, suitable for companies, factory,… produced and used on large scale.


All types of PE bags are flexible, non-wearing, easy to heat, resistant to acid and alkali, attract less dirt and other organic elements, withstand certain temperatures … and that explains why they are most commonly used today.

PE bags are used in the food industry because they can keep products away from dirt and mold from outside the environment, prevent moisture, and keep product quality for a long time.

PE bags are used a lot in the transportation and preservation of food or in the industry – agriculture, electronics because of its flexibility, durability, tear resistance, and toughness.

In addition, PE bags are also printed with logos and trademarks used to advertise the product.

With many outstanding advantages mentioned above, it is easy to understand when PE bags are gradually becoming popular and highly applicable in almost all industries today.

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