90% of clothing stores use sliding zipper bags due to five compelling reasons below

Not just a standard clothes storage bag, sliding zipper bags are also favored by clothing shop and fashion store owners for five reasons that are not known by everyone as below:

1. Sliding zipper bag – “A sunshade” that keeps clothes clean, fragrant and new

As the fashion market becomes more and more vibrant and competitive, it is not enough to rely solely on quality products. For long-term survival, clothing stores need to bring each customer the best experience when they walked in the door until they got home.

In which, the preservation of items is extremely important. There are many cases when customers come home, open their bags, and being panic because their newly purchased clothes have been wet from the rain, covered with dust, gasoline smell, or even covered by stubborn stains. Although these are only external factors, they also inadvertently make customers unhappy and reduce the rate of second visits, especially when the product quality is not as expected.

In order to improve the experience and enhance customer satisfaction, fashion shop owners began looking for more quality clothing storage bags. To be more specific, sliding zipper bags which are a high-end improvement from ordinary zipper bags, are often chosen by many shop owners. This type of zipper bag is made from PE plastic which is extremely resistant to rain, dirt and is soft, flexible, and durable to help the bag contain more without tearing.

With sliding zipper bags, owners can completely be assured that their products are kept the same value, color, fragrance …in any condition. Besides, this also shows the store’s thoughtfulness in every little detail, thereby increasing customer sympathy and helping to increase their return rate. 

2. Easy-to-use with sliding zipper design

With the sliding zipper button, users only need to hold and pull it lightly so that the two lock lines stick together or separate to open or close the bag. This action can be easily used by anyone. Another advantage is that the sliding zipper bag is compact in size, extremely convenient to use, and can be carried anywhere.

3. Increase the elegance of the item

increase the elegance of the item

The value of the item is not only in the price, it also in how the store treasures it. Using a zipper bag with a very simple but extremely delicate design helps the product to elevate and show the owner’s respect for the product whether it is expensive or cheap. This is considered the secret to creating friendliness to help the shop win the hearts of customers, even though it is the most demanding customer.

4. Promote the brand

many other use sliding zipper bags

Instead of the usual portable packaging, sliding zipper bags require users to use the zipper lock, and thus they will see more of the packaging design as well. If the owner knows how to combine logo printing, the slogan, address, and brand name into the product, it will create a highlight, helping customers remember the brand. Besides, these zipper bags are also reused for many different things, helping to bring the brand to many different people and places easily.

5. Many other uses

Not everyone who buys clothes will bring it immediately, some customers leave it there or find it unsuitable to put it in the closet. At this time, zipper bags have the opportunity to show their role again to help prevent dust, insects, and humid air that dampens clothes…

In addition to storing clothes, customers can reuse sliding zipper bags to safely and conveniently store many other items while reducing waste in the environment.

Where to buy sliding zipper bags?

where to buy sliding zipper bags

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Provide durable, flexible, and dustproof products

We use PE plastic as the raw material for the packaging to help the finished product be flexible, firm, and durable over time. The sliding lock is easy to use, safe for the user, less damaged, and helps to protect objects from external influences (rain, dust …).

Providing printing services on products

In addition to producing quality packaging products, we also provide additional packaging printing services with screen printing and gravure printing methods, to help businesses promote their brand names better and easier.

Best price distributor in the market

Not only bringing quality products, Minh Sang is also proud to be the address that provides the best zipper bag in the market. With long-standing experience and modern equipment system, we will bring you the optimal choice of products in both price and quality.

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