Comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of biodegradable plastic bags

On the market today, biodegradable plastic bags are a highly well-liked “green” packaging option. Why are biodegradable plastic bags more popular than regular plastic bags, too? What benefits and drawbacks do they have? Join Minh Sang to discover more by reading the article that follows.

What exactly are biodegradable bags?

Due to their speedy decomposition, biodegradable bags—or more precisely, biodegradable bags—are currently among the most popular bags on the market. This is because they help reduce plastic waste and safeguard the environment by breaking it down quickly.

What exactly are biodegradable bags?

Accordingly, plastic is also used to make biodegradable bags. However, the starch (wheat starch, cassava starch, etc.) will replace the plastic composition, with the addition of additives to improve the features of the bag. The proportion of plastic particles, starch, and additives will vary depending on the production unit. The bag’s quality and rate of disintegration are also affected by this.

Biodegradation mechanism

The mixing device will be filled with ingredients such as resin, starch, and additives in order to create plastic granules. The starchy plastic chain structure of this plastic granule sets it apart from other types of plastic. The starch component in the plastic circuit causes the plastic granules to ferment when released into the environment at the proper temperature and humidity conditions, resulting in bacteria that consume the plastic beads. With this technique, the disintegration time of regular plastic bags will be shortened from 500–1000 years to only 6–10 years, minimising their environmental impact.

The pros and cons of using biodegradable plastic bags

According to studies, people are increasingly choosing “green” products that are kind to the environment. For instance, consumers are prepared to pay more if products are packaged in biodegradable bags. This explains why biodegradable bags were so beloved and well-liked when they first appeared.

The pros and cons of using biodegradable plastic bags

But even if it merely complies with the minimum standards, this line of bags will almost probably not be picked by businesses and won’t totally win over consumers. The maker must utilise plastic beads in a ratio that is about equal to the starch component (around 40%) in order to guarantee the bag’s qualities, while also utilising additives to improve the bag’s plasticity and durability. Therefore, biodegradable bags will essentially still have the following notable benefits.

The basic qualities of plastic bags are smoothness, thinness, toughness, waterproofness, high anti-rust properties, and heat resistance.

  • The aroma of the bag impresses the user.
  • Large loads can be supported by the bag.
  • Comparing biodegradability to regular plastic food bags, it is 250 times higher (5000 years)
  • Support for better product and brand promotion
  • Safety for the user
  • Many different fields use bags frequently.

The cost of biodegradable plastic bags is typically more than that of regular plastic bags, which is a drawback. Businesses that invest in biodegradable packaging will see a considerably better return.

What stores in Ho Chi Minh City sell biodegradable plastic bags?

With many years of experience producing plastic packaging, with the biodegradable bag line as the primary offering, Minh Sang is glad to be the company you can rely on for high-quality goods, services, and delivery. Exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, and numerous alluring offerings.

What stores in Ho Chi Minh City sell biodegradable plastic bags?

  • In order to create biodegradable bags, Minh Sang uses high-quality biobased plastic beads.
  • There are many different bag designs and sizes, so you can order as needed.
  • It is absolutely safe to use because it is committed to not using dangerous substances.
  • With cutting-edge production methods, plenty of human resources, and a plant covering more than 5000 square metres, Minh Sang is dedicated to meeting requests in big quantities rapidly while maintaining the same level of quality. becoming quite proficient.

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