Why is eco-friendly packaging recommended? 

eco-friendly packaging

To protect the environment from overloading with plastic waste, lots of retailers tend to use eco-friendly packaging instead of plastic packaging. As you’ve known, plastic packaging takes many years to decompose and it is the element that causes environmental pollution. If you use packaging made from natural materials, easy to decompose, or reusable packaging, you will contribute to reducing non-biodegradable waste in the environment. The article below will show you more benefits eco-friendly packaging brings us. 

1/ What is eco- friendly packaging? 

eco-friendly packaging

First of all, you need to know about the concept of eco-friendly packaging. It can be understood as all types of packaging that are easy to recycle, safe for human health and the environment. Especially, it saves fuel significantly in production. You can identify them with characteristics:

  • The type of bag can be reused many times such as a sedge bag, cloth bag, paper bag, … They all help reduce waste causing environmental pollution.
  • Able to decompose into CO2, H2O, humus,… after a short period of several months or several years.
  • All kinds of bags are produced with renewable materials such as Corn starch, potatoes, cassava, … Avoiding the situation of increasingly depleted materials.    

2/ Summary of the most used eco-friendly packaging   

eco-friendly packaging

Packaging production technology is increasingly modern, so the types of packaging have also become more diverse. Here are three types of packaging used commonly today.  

  • Non-woven bags  

Non-woven bags are made from PP plastic which is fired at high temperatures, so they can be pulled into long strands without weaving. The decomposition time of non-woven bags is very fast, only 3 – 4 weeks.

These bags have a sturdy design, durable, and good weight resistance. Thus, you can use them many times and use them for many different purposes. The surface of the bag is ventilated. It is produced in a variety of colors. You can also request to print your logo or brand for marketing purposes.  

  • Reusable paper bags  

Instead of using plastic packaging, paper packaging is chosen by many businesses in food, stationery,… to pack their products. Paper packaging is manufactured from recyclable materials and can be reused. The advantages of this type of packaging are:

  • Easily decomposes in the natural environment: The decomposition time of paper bags is within 1-3 months under environmental conditions, which helps to reduce the impact on plastic bags.
  • Easy to print: Printing beautiful packaging helps businesses make a good impression on their customers. And of course, paper is a good material for printing. 
  • Good price: Paper packaging has a reasonable price that helps businesses save investment costs for a product. 
  • Conservation of natural forests: Paper bags are made from recycled pulp, so it will reduce the amount of wood that has to be cut to make pulp. In another way, it helps protect the ecosystem and living environment.

Biodegradable packaging       

Biodegradable packaging is made from natural materials such as wheat starch, corn starch, cassava,… It has the characteristics of durability, toughness, moisture resistance, good water resistance, safe for health. In comparison with plastic bags, there are not many differences. However, it is a type of packaging that is able to decompose very quickly, only from 6 to 12 months. Disposing of biodegradable packaging waste is also very simple. After using, just bury them in the ground. Under the affection of microorganisms, they will be decomposed into CO2, H2O, organic humus, etc… These substances are not harmful to the soil environment and the air environment. Therefore, it’s worthy packaging to use. 

3/ Why is eco-friendly packaging recommended? 

eco-friendly packaging

Waste pollution is becoming more and more serious, especially plastic waste. The amount of waste is increasing every day, so it is difficult to handle them. According to statistics, the amount of waste per day in Vietnam is about 50,000 tons. In which, the urban waste volume is about 35,000 tons/day, accounting for 70%, the rest is in rural areas. Big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are producing 7,000 to 8,000 tons of waste every day. However, the method of treatment by landfill technology accounts for 80%, causing huge pollution. On the other hand, waste treatment and plastic recycling enterprises in Vietnam have not developed much, so the problem of plastic waste treatment is a matter of concern today.

To reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the environment, eco-friendly packaging will be an appropriate alternative product. As discussed above, we have a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging to choose. They are different from materials but all are capable of degrading very quickly, not harmful to the environment, and have excellent properties, suitable for many using purposes.

Eco-friendly packaging is widely available, you can easily buy it at supermarkets or stores,… However, to order in bulk and be able to print on demand, you need to order at reputable manufacturers. Minh Sang is one of the prestigious packaging manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City. At Minh Sang, eco-friendly products are produced directly by modern machinery and staff with many years of experience. That means you will be served with the best products. In addition, Minh Sang also provides on-demand printing services. You can have your brand packaging here by printing your logo or marketing messages.

Now that you’ve known more about eco-friendly packaging. If you want to have excellent packaging that is friendly to the environment, it’s time to contact Minh Sang and show us how your desired packaging is. We’ll try our best to give you the best products. For further information, please contact us via hotline (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292. 

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