1/  Application of recycling bags in life

Recycled plastic bags still retain the same characteristics as conventional plastic bags: easy to process into many models, easy to laminate, waterproof and present in many industries in the packaging phase.

a. Recycled plastic bags are used to package products.

Recycled plastic bags used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, fashion, stationery, technology products, … Customers can be completely assured of the convenience of the product.

Recycled plastic bags for export businesses

In response to the call of the United Nations and international organizations to protect the environment, many countries
have enacted policies to limit the use of plastic and increase plastic recycling.
Many countries accept only recyclable packaging and reject primary PE bags. Many parcels have been detained at the customs
Because of using virgin plastic packaging, plastic cannot be recycled. Therefore, exporters need to pay attention to using recycled plastic bags for their products.

3. Where to buy recycled plastic bags?

Minh Sang Packaging is always a pioneer in the production of products from recycled plastics, biodegradable plastic, and environmental protection.

We always focus on material saving as well as minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The recycled plastic bag products of Minh Sang Packaging become special because we use recycled materials such as used plastic waste and defective products in the production process, minimizing waste.

Plastic waste into the environment but still ensures beautiful durability when used. Customers can be completely assured of the quality of the product.

Minh Sang Packaging products have a variety of designs, are produced according to the design and printing requirements of the enterprise with large quantities, timely and fully delivered.

With a system of modern printing machines and enthusiastic human resources, Minh Sang Packaging is committed to providing customers with the most satisfied products. Especially, for big orders, we always have a special offer.

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