What are OPP bags? How to distinguish between an OPP bag and a PE bag?

opp bags

Opp bags are one of the types of packaging used widely by businesses and households. Are you wondering what this bag has? What are they used for? Are they durable? In this article, Minh Sang will help you answer all your questions. Let’s discover now!

1/ What are opp bags? 

opp bags

OPP bags are bags produced by combining 2 complex PP films. Accordingly, these bags will have high strength and flexibility. An advantage of OPP bag is aesthetics, their surface has very good brightness and see-through. In addition, their surface is smooth, silky, and very resistant to scratches.

Currently, the OPP bag is used to hold and pack many different types of items. In particular, they are used to pack high-class items to increase the value of the products inside. Beautifully printed OPP bag also help businesses promote the brand’s image to customers.

2/ How many types of OPP bags? 

On the market today, OPP bags are produced in many different types, each bag suitable for storing different foods. Some popular types of OPP bag on the market today:

Ordinary transparent OPP bag

This is one of the quite popular OPP bags, they are made up of 2 layers of PolyPropylene film with straight direction properties. The characteristics of this type of bag are quite hard and brittle, they are used a lot to store food, medicine, and electronic components.

Tape OPP bag

opp bags

OPP bags with tape have a smart bag mouth design that makes it easy to pack and preserve goods. Accordingly, one surface of the bag will be designed to be longer than the other. 

On the surface of the bag is glued a layer of tape, when packing, you just need to remove the tape and press the two sides of the bag together. This design helps you save time and also helps the bag to better preserve food and goods, preventing air and dirt from entering inside.

OPP bag with printed tape

opp bags

Printed tape OPP bags have the same design and properties as tape OPP bags. But, the difference between these two bags is that the OPP bag with printed tape is added with printing. These types of printed packaging help businesses build images, show their uniqueness, and attract more customers.

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene 

Pearl film OPP bags are manufactured from durable, flexible, impact-resistant, waterproof, and heat-resistant PP plastic material. This type of OPP packaging can preserve food and goods well. In addition, they also keep outside influences such as temperature, light, chemicals from damaging the goods inside.

Printed pearl film OPP bag

opp bags

Thanks to being made of PP material, OPP bags are a great choice for printing information such as logos, addresses, slogans, etc. of the business on the surface. Plus, OPP bags are beautifully printed, supporting businesses to promote their image closer to customers.

3/ Some features of opp bags

OPP bags are essentially made from 2 PP films, so they inherit the characteristics of PP plastic beads. Like other PP bags, OPP bag has the following outstanding advantages:

  • The Opp bag has very good mechanical strength. When storing products and goods with a large volume, it is still difficult to tear and puncture.
  • This bag has a transparent, glossy surface and the product inside can be seen. The surface of the bag brings elegance and added value to the product.
  • The OPP bag is very waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof.
  • The bag is very difficult to stretch, ensuring a beautiful bag shape when packing products and transporting in different environmental conditions.
  • OPP bag is one of the great options for packaging and preserving goods such as food, medical materials, pharmaceuticals,…
  • However, the OPP bag has the disadvantage of being more expensive than other types of PP bags.
  • OPP bag after use is very difficult to decompose in the environment. Therefore, they need to be treated to avoid causing environmental pollution.

4/ Popular application of opp bags

OPP bags have many outstanding features. They have good resistance to water, dirt, chemicals, and resistance. In particular, printed OPP bags with beautiful designs can add more value to your product. Therefore, they are applied in many different fields including:

  • In the field of fashion: OPP bags are used to pack fashion items such as clothes, shoes, sandals,…
  • Food field: Opp bag is used to pack and preserve confectionery, powders, green vegetables, tubers, and fruits.
  • In the medical field: OPP bags are used to store medical equipment, pack drugs, …
  • In the field of electronics: this type of bag is used to store small electronic devices to avoid loss and rust.

5/ How to distinguish between OPP bags and PE bags?

What’s the difference between OPP bags and PE bags? We are sure that this is the question of many people today. Here Minh Sang compares these 2 types of packaging!

About the bag production material:

PP bags are manufactured from PP plastic granules along with some other additives. This type of bag is quite flexible, has a good heat resistance and good abrasion resistance. However, their disadvantage is that they are easily deformed.

OPP bags are composed of 2 PP films which are quite hard and brittle. This type of bag has a nylon membrane with high tensile strength. Bags with high gloss glass bring a luxurious look to the product.

The physical properties:

OPP bag has better ductility than OPP bag, so PP bags are often used to store confectionery, electronic components,…

OPP bags are harder and more brittle, so it is difficult to tear or puncture during use. Compared with PP bags, OPP bag has wider applicability.

About aesthetics

OPP bags have higher transparency than PP bags, so they are considered more beautiful than PP bags. In printing, using an OPP bag will result in sharper, brighter, and more durable printed products. Therefore, OPP bag is often used to make gift wrapping bags and stationery.

6/ Printing OPP bag as required

Currently, the role of product packaging is very important, not only to help protect the quality of the goods but also to bring beauty and enhance the value of the product inside. Therefore, today all businesses use packaging with printing services.

Minh Sang Packaging provides quality printing services with modern gravure printing techniques. We always produce products with sharp printing lines, bright colors, and high durability. Today, owning beautiful packaging will help businesses easily promote their image to customers.

Minh Sang recently introduced you to useful information about opp bags. Hope you have understood more about this type of packaging. Minh Sang is currently providing the best quality plastic packaging at wholesale prices including OPP bag, for more advice, contact us via hotline (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292

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