Who We Are

MINH SANG PRODUCTION TRADE CO., LTD specializes in plastic bag production. We produce plastic bags for clothing, food and pharmaceutical industry. For over 10 years, we have been known by our quality and more than that, Minh Sang Production Trade Co Ltd have never stopped innovating and investing in modern machinery to reach our customers’ rising demands in the most sufficient, precise and timeliest way.

We produce the best and most reasonably – priced products with excellent customer services that meet the required quality standards. We hope to continue to have your support, trusts and partnerships as well as to serve you in the nearest future.


Our experience and sustainable growth

Minh Sang Production Trade Co Ltd have 10 years experience of establishment and development in the plastic bag industry. Unless it had been for our management’s visions and trail-blazing strategies, Minh Sang wouldn’t have gotten the success that we do today. More importantly, your trust and support throughout the years have been a reward to us.

Quality ahead of everything

We had years of experience in plastic bag production, therefore, we understand that quality is of utmost importance. Customer-trust and quality have played a significant role in our lasting support from our customers so far. 

Our production is always meticulously examined from the very first stage. Every product of ours must go through intense quality assurance process before going into the market

Constant production process innovation and product category diversification 

The market is increasingly expanding, which results in the changing demand at every point of time. In order to accommodate that diversifying demand, MINH SANG has been researching to introduce new products with better shapes and sizes at more reasonable prices. 

In terms of production, MINH SANG is investing in the latest technology and machinery so as to insure the best of quality, legal and environmental qualification. 

Excellent customer service and attractive discount:

Our customers are always satisfied with our consultancy from product selection to delivery. Reasonably-priced products according to its category that build trust with consumers.


For over 10 years, MINH SANG has been constantly changing and developing better to reach the demand of customers

2009: MINH SANG PRODUCTION TRADE CO., LTD was founded with a mission to meet the customer’s demands eco friendly plastic bags

2019: Our products are being recognized and on its way overseas. In an effort to increase Vietnam’s plastic product’s gross export turn-over.

2020: MINH SANG develops under the motto of environmental protection by limiting plastic waste with b i o d e g r a d a b l e bags/bio-bags and recycling bags


  • Biodegradable bags
  • Large-size PE, PP bags
  • Printed zipper bags, zipper zipper bags
  • Laminated film bags
  • Resealable OPP bags
  • PE, PP bags


With 10 years of establishment and development, MINH SANG has never stopped innovating and investing in modern machinery and our factory in Long An with over 5000m2.

In addition, we have an experienced team with insightful knowledge of the industry. All of the above contributes to the improvement of our quality.


On the nearest day, MINH SANG hopes that everyone will use green and clean bags.


MINH SANG PRODUCTION TRADE CO., LTD is taking its steps to become one of globally-scaled Made-in-VietNam plastic bag companies.  In an attempt to make the Earth greener and cleaning, we also produce biodegradable plastic bags.

Core Value

  1. Commitment
  2. Quality
  3. Creative 
  4. Develope



Office: No. 82, 102 Cao Lo Street, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC 

Factory: Hamlet 2, Tan Trach Village, Can Duoc Town, Long An Province 

Mobile: 0906 773 970 – 0918 670 321

Telephone: (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292    

Email sale@baobiminhsang.com