Are food recycling bags safe? Where to buy quality food recycling bags?

Surely we are familiar with the concept of using recycled bags. People who are knowledgeable about this type of bag will support recycled bags since they save fuel, protect the environment, and are also much cheaper than primary plastic bags. However, to ask if they have peace of mind when using food recycling bags, more than 70% answered no. Why? Let’s clarify this issue!

1/ Should we use food recycling bags?

Using recycled bags is a trend in the whole world in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment. Governments of many countries encourage the use of recycled bags because of its benefits:

  • Help save energy: Comparing plastic bag recycling to plastic bag production, recycling 1 ton of plastic bags will save about 5774 kWh of electricity.
  • Helps reduce oil consumption: The manufacture of new plastics consumes more natural gas or crude oil derivatives than recycling.

Should we use food recycling bags

  • Reduces the amount of waste released into the environment by increasing the circulation of plastics usage.
  • Businesses can save significant amounts of money when they use recycled plastic packaging because recycled plastic bags are cheaper than other kinds.

Using recycled bags has many benefits, but not all recycled bags are safe. It is possible to harm people through the leakage of plastic particles and unsafe additives from poor-quality recycled bags. If you choose an unsafe bag for food, you are likely to suffer respiratory, digestive, or even cancer issues.

Conversely, if the recycled bag you buy is certified for food safety, you can use it without worry. Choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer for your food recycling bags is important as checking them carefully.

2/ How to choose safe food recycling bags

Finding a reputable packaging manufacturer that has full licenses to produce recycled packaging is the best way to choose food recycling bags. In addition, you can also recognize food recycling bags by the senses, note the following characteristics:

  • Immediately remove food recycling bags that smell of plastic or strange, as they may not have been manufactured safely.
  • Recycled bags usually do not have a smooth surface, but if they are too rough or contain impurities, they are low-quality bags.
  • For bags with a certain strength and elasticity, try stretching a little, if they deform or tear, then this bag does not guarantee good quality.
  • Regardless of its recycled origin, a reputable manufacturer will provide a solid, meticulous, uniform, and error-free bag if it is cut and pressed properly.

Please note that food recycling bags will have less thermal strength and bearing capacity than primary plastic bags. So avoid exposing them to high temperatures or stretching excessively.

3/ Some types of food recycling bags

Currently, you can search for a variety of recycled plastic bag products from plastic. However, with each different material, the products created will have different characteristics:

Food recycling bags made from PET

This is a safe plastic, often used to produce food containers such as bottles, jars, and cans … The general characteristic of these types of products is that they are easy to recycle.

Food recycling bags made from PET

Food recycling bags made from HDPE

The characteristics of plastics of this type are turbid in color, smooth surface, and less water permeability. Therefore, this is also one of the types of safe items used for recycling. You often see HDPE plastic products are baby bottles, yogurt cartons, and shampoo bottle cleaners. Additionally, to make recycled plastic bags, HDPE plastic can be used to renovate products such as tables, chairs, and bleach bottles.

Food recycling bags made from PVC

This type of plastic is often used to produce products such as food wraps, raincoats, building materials, and medical equipment. They are cheap, easy to melt, and have high ductility. However, this type of plastic contains some toxins such as Phthalate and DEHP. Therefore, when using recycled PVC bags, you should not store hot foods but let them cool and then store them.

Food recycling bags made from PVC

4/ Where to buy safe food recycling bags

Recycled plastic packaging products have proven popular thanks to their easy recycling and processing properties. Bags in the form of handles, zipper bags, and zipper bags with ziplock etc. are present in daily life and can be made from recycled plastic.

You can find food recycling bags anywhere. However, for the sake of your health, make sure that the company offers recycled plastic packaging that is GRS certified. (The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) was developed by Control Union Certifications in 2008. Featured as an international product standard, it establishes requirements for third-party certification of recycled ingredients, the product chain custody, social activities, and chemical restrictions.

Minh Sang Packaging is a typical Vietnamese company that produces GRS-certified food recycling bags. All products of this enterprise have been verified for quality and use value. To buy products, you can contact Minh Sang Packaging via hotline (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292 for more detail.

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