Four reasons you should use recycled bags

The popularity of recycled bags is growing due to their low cost, environmental friendliness, and, nevertheless, their ability to retain most of the properties and benefits of plastic packaging. Let’s find out four reasons you should use recycled bags!

1/ Reasons you should use recycled bags

1.1/ Reduce oil consumption

Recycling plastic bags can significantly reduce oil consumption, which is the first reason you should use recycled bags. According to one study, recycling 1 ton of plastic bags saves the equivalent of 16.3 barrels of crude oil. 

The plastic particles for plastic bags are made from crude oil materials. As a result, using recycled bags will help us use less virgin plastic, indirectly reducing fossil fuel consumption.

1.2/ Reduce plastic waste

Since plastic bags are difficult to decompose, they can last in landfills and oceans for several thousand years. Nevertheless, recycling used plastic bags will create a cycle of using plastic, thereby reducing landfill waste, and loosening soil and water pollution, helping protect our ecosystem since plastic waste is destructive to the environment.

1.3/ Energy saving

Manufacturing plastic bags requires a lot of energy and takes a long time. As plastic bags need to be cut, cleaned, melted, and then recycled, they also require power. However, recycling bags consume less energy than making plastic bags from virgin plastic. Recycling bags is quite an easy and non-complicated process, so that it can be widely used.

1.4/ Using recycled bags is a smart way to promote a brand.

Using recycled bags can enhance the brand image in consumers’ hearts, which is why you should use them. Surveys have shown that 60% of consumers worldwide are willing to spend more on sustainable, environmentally friendly goods, including recycling bags.

Using recycled bags creates a sense of empathy among consumers and is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, if you promote your marketing strategy well, your brand will quickly gain popularity.

Moreover, customers can customize the bag with a wide range of colors and designs to help businesses market products, convey a brand’s message more clearly, and make it more noticeable to consumers.

2/ Are recycling bags safe?

Many people are concerned about the safety and quality of recycled bags, despite knowing why they should use them. Although recycled bags will not have the same quality as virgin plastic bags, you don’t need to worry too much about using them. It is because the characteristics of the bags have still been maintained at a high level of quality so that they can be used, for example, as tough and durable bags.

A quality manufacturer can still provide recycled bags free of harmful impurities for the environment and human health.

Primarily some special plastics can be used as recycled bags and still have the highest quality and structural integrity. This means you will have a greener and more sustainable bag that ensures stable quality.

3/ Reasons you should use recycled bags from Minh Sang packaging

Minh Sang Packaging’s products are manufactured based on recycled materials such as used plastic products and defective products in the production process.

Minh Sang’s modern packaging production process removes impurities and toxins from plastic waste, resulting in safe, high-quality recycled products with various designs and sizes that are not inferior to virgin plastic bags.

Through high-tech production lines, Minh Sang adheres to thoroughly cleaning and processing recycled plastic in order to produce high-quality products that are safe for consumers.

Minh Sang is one of the few packaging manufacturers in Vietnam that meets the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). With GRS standards, Minh Sang Packaging is officially recognized worldwide, making international market competition easier. Meanwhile, GRS certifies raw material origin, packaging composition, and environmental factors to provide consumers with peace of mind.

Minh Sang’s commitment to providing high-quality products at competitive prices and protecting users’ rights and health has made Minh Sang a leader in environmentally friendly packaging.

Above are the reasons you should use recycled bags. If you are interested in recycled bags and care about the environment, don’t hesitate to contact Minh Sang for detailed product advice.

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