Flat bottom ziplock bags and their three “exclusive” strengths you may not know

Flat bottom ziplock bags are a type of product that is very popular with businesses today. The main reason depends on their 3 “exclusive” strengths that are hard to find in other packaging types.

Flat bottom ziplock bags and their three "exclusive" strengths you may not know

Flat bottom ziplock bags have a very sturdy design

The flat bottom ziplock bags conquer anyone at first sight with their solid appearance, and the ability to balance when standing alone. This is a strength considered exclusive that not all types of bags have.

The secret is that its material is made from laminated film. Being able to pair PE with materials such as PET, MC, PA, or aluminum film is the decisive factor that makes most of today’s flat bottom ziplock bags are tough, sturdy, able to hold large products, heavy or difficult to transport.

This strength of the flat bottom ziplock bag is used by businesses to store many products with great weight, minimizing external impacts on the product, such as impacted objects, temperature, water … This eating shape is also more popular with consumers and makes them feel more secure when using because the product is highly protected.

Replace cups and glasses

Not only for storing food or machinery components … Flat bottom ziplock bags are also considered as an alternative to cups, glasses, applied in the food and beverage industry, with advantages such as:

Safe for food

Because the primary PE plastic is water-resistant, insoluble in solvents, and resistant to highly acidic environments, the flat bottom ziplock bags ensure absolute safety for the food stored inside. This is why it is gaining popularity in the food industry.

Safe for food

Convenient to store

In addition, the bag has a good thickness, with a zipper design that is not afraid of air entering or water, liquid spilled while moving. Therefore, when users do not drink all, they just need to slide the zipper and take the bag away without fear of pouring for better preservation.

Beautiful and creative designs

The bag is used in an exchange of cups, or glasses, especially in juice production, which not only helps businesses meet the factor of safety and convenience but also is extremely creative. The flat bottom ziplock bag designs are beautiful and impressive to help businesses create highlights and attract customers better.

Using the flat bottom Ziplock bags – Easy to display and promote the product

With a design that allows for good standing, the flat bottom ziplock bag is considered as a 2- in-1 solution that is both for product packaging and supporting the display, introduction, and promotion of products. This is not only convenient and saves money for businesses, but also creates an emphasis and convenience for customers to use.

Using the flat bottom Ziplock bags

Besides, as mentioned above, the flat bottom ziplock bags are beautifully designed, eye-catching. Some products use gravure printing technology to help convey images and messages clearly and impressively to customers, support for better branding and promotion.

Thus, it can be seen that the flat bottom ziplock bag is a packaging product that both possesses the features of safety, convenience to use and can support the display and promotion of the product. This explains why this type of bag is increasingly popular and used by businesses.

Currently, the zipper bags (including the flat bottom ziplock bags) are one of the products produced and distributed by Minh Sang in the domestic and foreign markets, meeting the needs of many businesses in different fields.

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