What are PE bags? Are PE bags safe to store food?

PE bag is a kind of plastic packaging bag which is quite popular and is used in many industries and fields in life. So what material is PE bag made of? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Why are they so widely used and can this product be used for food storage?

What are PE bags? Are PE bags safe to store foo

1 / What are PE bags?

PE bags are bags made from Polyethylene plastic (can be virgin PE or recycled PE) with opaque white color, applied in many different industries and fields with different types, sizes, and designs.

Characteristic of PE bags

  • High chemical resistance
  • Resistance to static electricity
  • The bag is thin, light, but it can carry quite a heavy load
  • Durable, flexible, smooth, good rigidity, impact resistance and abrasion better than PP bags
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 82 degrees Celsius
  • Heat resistance is quite good, melting from 120 degrees C to 180 degrees C

Cons: PE bags are difficult to decompose, not environmentally friendly like starch bags, or recycling bags …

Several Symbols of PE plastic bags on the market

Symbol                     Acronym                         Explain

              HDPE or PE-HD                “2” denotes the product is made from High-Density Polyethylene

Density: 0.941 – 0.965 g / cm³

                LDPE or PE-LD                “4” denotes the product is made from Low-Density Polyethylene

Density: 0.910 – 0.925 g / cm³

2 / Application of PE bags

Due to many outstanding advantages, PE bags are more convenient than many other bags, so they are widely used in many fields and industries, with many different uses.

pplication of PE bags

  • PE bags are used in the field of fashion and apparel
  • PE bags for agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • PE bags used in the medical industry
  • PE bag for components and machines
  • PE bags cover utensils, car furniture, home furniture, goods

Are PE bags safe to store food?

Compared to paper bags for food, PE bags possess outstanding advantages in resistance to water and chemicals. Therefore, they are widely used in many industries and fields, including food.

Basically, most PE bags are safe for food, vegetables, and cereals, whether they are PE, HDPE or LDPE. However, it should be noted, LDPE bags will release chemicals in hot and high-temperature environments. Therefore, although it is possible to store food, it is best not to use plastic bags for hot food. This is the reason why we often see PE bags used to store foods such as fresh, dried fruits, vegetables, nuts …

Common types of PE bags

The designs and types of PE bags are extremely diverse, depending on the purpose of use, the industry, the field to use different types of bags. In addition, PE bags are classified according to style, material, and use.

Basically, PE bags are divided into 3 categories: inner PE bags, anti-static PE bags, and vacuum PE bags. However, it is possible to take a look at the types of PE bags that are commonly used today. 

3 / Where to buy PE bags with good quality and price?

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