Zipper bags containing metal – Intelligent storage solution

Have you ever had trouble storing and arranging metals like screws, nuts, hinges, slide rails, etc.? Do you need a clever, convenient, and secure storage solution for these kinds of metals? If so, you should be familiar with zipper bags containing metal, which are a necessary sort of packing in your life. Minh Sang Packaging will introduce you to zipper bags, how to use and preserve them, and help you better grasp this line of bags in this post!

1. About Zipper bags containing metal

Definition and structure of bags containing metal

Zipper bags are reusable zip-top plastic bags made of polyethylene (PE), a popular and long-lasting plastic. Depending on your needs, the size of the Zipper bag can range from 10 x 13 cm to 25 x 33 cm. The bag’s thickness might range from 2 mils (0.05 mm) to 4 mils (0.1 mm) or more. The color of the Zipper bags containing metal is usually clear, allowing you to see what’s within.

Zipper bag advantages and downsides

Zipper bags have many advantages over other storage methods, such as:

Durable and sturdy

The bag is composed of tough plastic that can handle minor knocks. The Zipper bag containing metal also includes a strong zipper to keep the metals in place.

It is both convenient and secure

The Zipper bag is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use. Zipper bags can preserve metals from dirt, mold, and oxidation, extending their lifespan. If the metal is sharp or hot, the bag will be readily destroyed.

Inexpensive & cost-effective

Zipper bags are less expensive than other types of containers or storage shelves. They can also be reused multiple times, saving you money.

2. How to choose a Zipper bag containing metals that suits your needs

To choose a metal bag that suits your needs, you should consider the following factors:


You should choose the size of the metal bag that matches the size of the types of metals you want to store. If the bag is too small, you won’t have enough space to store it. If the bag is too large, you will waste space and lose aesthetics.


The thickness of the Zipper bag should be chosen to match the weight and durability of the metals you intend to keep. If the bag is too thin, it will tear or puncture easily. If the bag is too thick, it will cost you more.


The hue of the Zipper bag should correspond to your intended use. Choose a transparent or light-colored bag if you want to see the contents plainly but you want to hide the contents inside, you should choose a darker color of the bag.

3. Applications of hardware bags

Store all kinds of metals

Zipper bags are an excellent way to store metals such as screws and nuts. You can use those bags to organize hardware by size, color, or kind, making it easier to find when you need it. A Zipper bag can also be used to transport hardware to building sites or when working at home.

Preserving all kinds of metals

Metal bags can reduce or prevent factors that cause rust, wear, and damage to metals by providing a protective covering for metals from direct exposure to air water, or other corrosive substances. It also keeps the hardware dry and clean, avoiding the accumulation of moisture and dust.

Hopefully this article will help you gain more knowledge and experience about Zipper bags containing metals. If you need to buy Zipper bags, please contact Minh Sang Packaging for advice and the best quote.

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