What material is best for making garment packaging?

The garment packaging market is extremely diverse. Depending on the characteristics of each enterprise’s products, storage requirements, and the use of packaging materials will also be different. So garment packaging is usually made from which materials and what is the best one?

1 / Materials used to make garment packaging

Garment packaging is used for the main purpose of preserving garment products from external agents such as dirt, bacteria, water, wrinkling effects, especially when moving … That’s why garment packaging must be made from materials that meet the best storage requirements.

The material used to make the packaging is plastic instead of paper because the properties of plastic help resist moisture and water. In addition, the garment packaging needs to have characteristics such as transparency, flexibility, good strength, and lightness to make the product safe, anti-wear, waterproof, and especially free from white chalk dust. Accordingly, the commonly used materials to produce garment packaging include:

PE (Polyethylene)

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

PP (Polypropylene)

OPP (Oriented Polypropylene)

Some of the basic properties of plastic materials commonly used in the manufacture of garment packaging


Material Packaging properties
PE opaque white, glossy, durable, odorless, non-toxic, high compression force
HDPE odorless, non-toxic, resistant to chemicals, diverse designs
PP transparent, high elastic, non-toxic, beautiful printing images
OPP transparent, sharp printing, good elasticity, high water resistance


Based on the properties of each plastic material, PE, PP and OPP are prioritized for the garment industry over HDPE. Corresponding to each material, the style, model, and ability to print will also be different. You can refer to some of the popular packaging models for the garment industry below:

PE bag printed gravure

PE bag with mouth seal/ colored PE bags with mouth stickers

OPP bag with membrane/ printed OPP bag

PP bag with mouth seal/ colored PP bags with mouth stickers

Zipper bag

Recycling bag

2/ The prestigious supplier providing quality garment packaging in HCM City?

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In terms of printing technology, Minh Sang uses modern screen and gravure printing techniques, committing the sharpness, the printed image as well as the percentage of ink smudged. Depending on the material, we will advise businesses to use suitable printing techniques and printing layout to make the best quality products.

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