Why does your business need ziploc bags for packing? What is the price of this bag?

Ziplock bags for packing are made from Polyethylene (PE) material that is safe for food and users. With zipper design, they are commonly used in packaging food, electronic components, pharmaceuticals,… If you are looking to buy this type of bag but do not know the characteristics and prices of them. Now check out our article below!

1/ What is ziploc bags for packing?

Ziplock bags, also known as zipper bags, are flexible, durable, lightweight plastic bags, widely used in life. With a convenient locking design, this bag is suitable for many industries such as garment, medicine, food, electronics,… They can pack both solid and liquid foods.

What is ziploc bags for packing?

Ziplock bags are manufactured from high-grade PE primary plastic particles with advanced production technology. So they have high toughness and mechanical strength, ensuring safety when packing food.

2/ What types of ziploc bags for packing are on the market now

Currently, there are many types of ziploc bags for packing produced to meet the different packaging needs of users. In terms of uses and characteristics, ziplock bags are divided into 3 types as follows:

  • Silver ziplock bag for packing: This is a bag made from many layers including aluminum film, mentalize layer (packaging with thin metal layers such as nickel, chromium, aluminum …). It has the advantage of very good resistance to gas and moisture. In addition, they also have a certain hardness, good heat retention, and food hygiene, so this type of bag is popular in the market.
  • Paper ziplock bag: This is a paper bag with the outside covered with a layer of paper, and the inside is aluminum plated on PE film that is environmentally friendly. As a result, these bags have the effect of preventing odors, preventing moisture, etc., suitable for storing dry foods.
  • Ziplock bag with handle (Mango perforated bag): This type of bag is usually about 25cmx30cm large with an ergonomic handle. Besides, they are also favored by many users because of their beautiful and equally luxurious design. Usually, they use to pack clothes, toys, cosmetics, etc.
  • Food ziplock bags: This type of bag is made of high-quality plastic, manufactured by a standard and careful process, so it is safe for users’ health. Therefore, they are used a lot to preserve food, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

3/ Some outstanding features of ziploc bags for packing that you need to know

If you are looking for a Ziploc bag to pack your business products but do not know what features this bag has? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of this PE bag with Minh Sang below:

Some outstanding features of ziploc bags for packing that you need to know

  • Good durability and flexibility: Ziplock bags are favored by many users because of their odorless characteristics, high applicability, and durability over time. Besides, thanks to being made of high-quality PE material, they are extremely resistant to water and dirt.
  • Various sizes and models: To meet the needs of a wide range of industries and business sectors, ziplock bags are produced in a variety of sizes and designs, they can be used to pack many different items such as food, medicine, components, accessories,…That’s why you can easily choose the right bag for you.
  • Good food preservation: The design is extremely convenient with the closure of the bag, they keep the bag closed and do not need to use elastic or tie. You can easily create a vacuum for better food preservation by withdrawing the air inside and locking the bag. So, you can store fresh food or dried nuts well to avoid air exposure.
  • Reusable: A great advantage of this type of bag is that it can be reused many times. This helps you save costs while reducing waste to the environment.
  • Safety for health and environment: If you are worried that plastic bags will release toxic substances for food, you can rest assured! PE plastic materials are completely free of toxic substances,…So they do not adversely affect human health and the ecosystem.
  • Can hold liquids: With a smart design with a Ziploc, it can hold liquids without fear of spilling. You can use ziplock bags instead of traditional water glasses.

4/ In addition, using ziploc bags for packing helps businesses attract more customers 

If you are a business or a shop owner, you can print product information, business name, company logo, slogan, or unique funny images to attract customers and help them easily record your company’s information more.

At Minh Sang, we use modern gravure printing techniques to ensure sharp, accurate, and durable print quality. If you are in need of buying ziploc bags in bulk, please contact Minh Sang for detailed advice!

5/ What is the price of ziploc bags for packaging on the market today?

What is the price of ziploc bags for packaging on the market today?

Currently, there are many facilities that produce ziplock bags at different prices in the market. Usually, the price will depend on the type of bag, the size of the bag, and the number of bags you order. A sample size of ziplock bag that you can refer to: 4cmx5cm, 6cmx8.5cm, 7cmx10cm, 8.5cmx12cm, 10cmx14cm,…35x45cm.

Minh Sang is proud to be the supplier of quality ziplock bags at the most reasonable price because it doesn’t go through any intermediaries, so you can save a large amount of money. And yet, Minh Sang always has attractive incentives for loyal customers, good discounts with large orders.

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