What are PP bags? Which types are included? Are they heat resistant good?

What are PP bags? Are they heat resistant? Are they safe to store food? Those are the common questions of many consumers today. Minh Sang will provide more information through this article so that readers will soon have the answer.

What are PP bags? Which types are included? Are they heat resist

1 / What are PP bags?

PP bags are transparent plastic bags made from the primary plastic PP (Abbreviation for Polypropylene). PP bags have properties and feature quite similar to PE bags. However, nowadays, PP bags are more popular and products made from them are gradually replacing PE bags.

Outstanding advantages of PP bags:

  • PP bags are designed to be transparent, easy to observe the product, enhance product image promotion
  • PP bag has good toughness, various thicknesses, can be produced into different sizes, and thicknesses according to the needs of the consumers.
  • Good protection of the product inside from moisture and air, ensuring the best preservation role.
  • The bag delays evaporation and dehydration to help keep the food fresh. PP bag has high elasticity, so it is used to hold many items without fear of tearing
  • PP bags are non-toxic
  • PP bags are environmentally friendly because their shelf life in nature is shorter than that of PE bags
  • PP bags are stiffer, so they are less creased and less stretched
  • PP bags allow the printing of good quality images, clear colors, high aesthetics.

2 / Are they heat resistant good?

PP bags are often used in the packaging of food, confectionery, and drinking water. However, many people wonder if the heat resistance of PP bags is good, and whether it is safe to use them to store hot foods.

One of the outstanding advantages of PP bags is the extremely high heat resistance up to 150 degrees C. The heat resistance is considered to be better than PE bags and many types of bags currently on the market. Therefore, when storing hot food, the PP bag will not be deformed or affect the physical properties of the bag.

Moreover, PP bags are made from high-quality PP materials, they are not toxic. Therefore, PP bags are used in production, steaming, pasteurization, packaging food, confectionery, and water in daily life.

3 / Popular types of PP bags today

Due to owning many outstanding advantages, PP bags are widely used in many fields. Specially used to store food from nuts, grains, sugar, salt, oyster mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum, fertilizer …

Corresponding to each field will use different types of bags. We can look at the following popular PP bags:

PP self-adhesive seal bags

PP self-adhesive seal bags are designed in such a way that one side of the bag will be cut higher than the other. On the upper side of the bag is attached to a long parallel strip of glue. The adhesive layer helps keep the product inside from falling out. The bag is designed with many different sizes, depending on the long, wide requirements or the needs of the user. The folding edge of the bag is also designed for convenience in use.

PP self-adhesive seal bags are used for many different purposes such as packaging electronic products, food, pharmaceuticals …. . This is not only convenient in the packaging of finished products but also helps manufacturers save a significant cost in business. Using this type of bag is also quite simple. You just need to peel off the thin plastic layer and then stick it back. This makes it possible to pack the product safely, without having to stamp the bag.

PP Carry bags

PP carry bags have two sides with equal folds, which will give the bag a boxy appearance when opened. They are widely used in everyday life to store food, or even to store items such as clothes, shoes, hats …

Printing PP self-adhesive seal bags

Similar to PP self-adhesive seal bags, this type of bag but has a different extra horizontal parallel tape to prevent the product inside from falling out. The product combines packaging printing services for the purpose of promoting and introducing products and brands by printing logos, slogans, phone numbers, usage patterns, and messages to be conveyed to customers.

PP bags for food and clothes

PP bags are used to store vegetables, fruits, vegetables, fresh foods, … or other consumer products. The bag comes in many different sizes, so it is suitable for many purposes of customers.

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