Summary of ziplock storage bags and tips for purchasing properly

Ziplock storage bags are a type of packaging commonly used in homes and businesses. This packaging is familiar to housewives in classifying and preserving food. For businesses, ziplock storage bags play an important role in product packaging. The following article summarizes the types of ziplock bags and gives you tips for purchasing properly. 

1/ Basic understanding of storage ziplock bags  

Because of being used commonly, ziplock storage bags are easy to be recognized. They have a special shape with a zipper at the mouth of the bag that makes packing faster and more convenient.

Currently, ziplock storage bags are produced with many different designs and materials, but basically, they still meet the characteristics such as high durability, sturdy, good moisture resistance, safety in use, and high application. Zipper bags can be used to pack garments, pharmaceuticals, food,…

2/ Summary of the most commonly used ziplock storage bags   

ziplock storage bags

Ziplock bags on the market are very diverse, we can classify them based on material and style:

2.1 Sort by materials 

  • Silver ziplock bag 

There are two types of silver ziplock bags: one-sided silver bags and double-sided silver bags. A typical silver ziplock bag consists of an aluminum film and a metalize layer which is a thin metal film about 4 micrometers. Therefore, the silver ziplock bag is extremely sturdy, durable, and has good heat retention and air resistance. Silver ziplock bags are commonly used bags for storing and preserving dried nuts.  

  • PE plastic ziplock bag   

PE ziplock bags are usually transparent in color and very resilient. Thanks to being made of high-quality, non-toxic PE plastic, PE ziplock bags are very safe packaging when storing food. In addition, this type of packaging is relatively cheap, so it is the preferred choice of most consumers.  

  • Paper ziplock bag   

Besides silver and PE plastic, paper ziplock bags are also very popular today. The outer film of the bag is made of thick paper material, and the inside is combined with an aluminum-plated PE film to enhance product preservation. Paper ziplock bags are a product chosen by many businesses because of their environmental friendliness and the elegant, luxurious beauty it brings. 

2.2 Sort by styles   

  • Stand-up ziplock bag 

This type of bag has a hard inflated bottom that can stand on flat surfaces. As a result, stand-up ziplock bags often have a fixed shape, can be easily stored anywhere. Especially, stand-up ziplock bags are suitable for packing liquids and foods. 

  •  Ziplock bag with handle  

Thanks to the design with a handle, this type of ziplock bag is quite convenient to hold and carry. These bags are usually very thick and designed with many colors, beautiful prints, high aesthetics, suitable for storing all kinds of products such as clothes, fashion accessories, toys, …

  • Ziplock bag in jar shape

This type of ziplock bag has a design like a jar. It is usually very thick and is produced in many different sizes. This is a pretty creative ziplock design that is aesthetically pleasing and easily grabs everyone’s attention. They are often used to store and preserve dried foods. 

3/ Tips for purchasing ziplock storage bags properly

  • Choose the right bag size

You need to carefully consider the purpose and needs of using to choose the right shape and size of ziplock bags. You can estimate or measure the size of the product to be packed to choose the right type of packaging.

  • Pay attention to the material of the bag 

Each ziplock bag material has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different uses. For example, metal-plated PE bags have high durability, good air resistance, so they are suitable for packing nuts, powdered milk, cereals, liquids, etc. And thinner, softer bags will be suitable for packaging products that do not need too strict preservation such as clothes, accessories, …

  • Aesthetics

In business, the aesthetics of the packaging are very important. Nice packaging will easily attract people’s attention and stimulate choice. Basically, the ziplock bag is quite neat and has a luxurious design. However, to make the packaging more eye-catching and professional, you can combine printing images and the logo of your brand on the packaging. By this way, you can increase brand recognition.

4/ Suggestions for choosing the right  ziplock storage bag for your needs

ziplock storage bags

Each item has its own packaging conditions, here are some suggestions to help you choose the right packaging for your needs:

  • Garment products, fashion accessories: Should use zipper bags, especially bags with eye-catching colors and impressive images.
  • Dried foods: Silver ziplock bags, paper ziplock bags, stand-up ziplock bags are recommended  
  • Powder or liquid products: use stand-up ziplock bags
  • Small accessories: Transparent ziplock bags such as red thread bags, suitable for product characteristics and cost-effective.

Hope the above information about ziplock storage bags has helped you gain more experience in choosing the right packaging. If you are in need of bulk ziplock bags or want to be a packaging agent, feel free to contact Minh Sang Packaging for advice and support! Minh Sang is a reputable packaging manufacturer and distributor in Ho Chi Minh City. We are always ready to provide the best quality products according to the requirements of our customers.

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