Tips for choosing right food zipper bags and where to place bulk orders 

The market size for zipper packaging  is growing with each passing day. Zipper bags are very diverse with many designs, colors, sizes and are used in many different industries, especially food. How to choose the right food zipper bags? And where to order in bulk? Find out in the article below!   

1/ What are the features of food zipper bags?

Zipper bags are familiar and you can easily identify them with the zipper at the mouth of the bag. They are usually made from PE plastic and have outstanding features, suitable for use with food:

  • Compact,  pack quickly, easy to store or carry 
  • Keeps air tight thanks to the zipper design
  • Store the food inside well, especially fresh food or beverage, prevent  liquid from spilling outside 
  • Good durability, flexibility, high dirt resistance
  • Safe for use because it is made from PE plastic – a type of plastic that does not emit harmful substances
  • Heat-retaining bag (silver Zipper bag)
  • Especially, these bags can be printed in many clear and beautiful colors, contributing to promote brand products for businesses

2/ The types of zipper bags are suitable for storing food 

There are various types of zipper bags for food on the market now. We can distinguish them by shape and material. Here are some commonly used food zipper bag models:

2/1 Sort food zipper bags by material

  • Zipper bag from PE plastic

Zipper bags from PE plastic are durable, sturdy, good ability to protect the food inside and do not harm for the food. PE plastic is also a popular material for producing zipper packaging today. Normally, zipper bags from PE plastic will have a transparent color to easily observe the food inside.

  • Zipper bag from recycled plastic

Using recycled plastic zipper bag is also very popular because it is considered as an eco-friendly product. Although they are made from recycled plastic, they still possess the same properties as regular bags and are completely safe to use with food. You can also order color printed recycled zipper bags to use. To ensure quality recycled zipper bags, let order them from manufacturers that meet the Global Recycled Standards (GRS).

  • Aluminum Zipper Bag

Besides plastic material, aluminum zipper bags are also widely used in food packaging. Aluminum packaging makes the product more luxurious and attractive, suitable for cereals, dry food or even drinks. In comparison with other packaging materials, aluminum zipper bags are more outstanding in terms of corrosion resistance, good water resistance and high temperature resistance.

  • Biodegradable zipper bags

The product line of biodegradable packaging has gradually become familiar and widely used in the market. In the composition of biodegradable packaging, there are natural substances such as wheat starch, cornstarch, etc., so it can decompose quickly when buried in the soil after use. Therefore, they are packaging that is not harmful to the environment and using them will reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Besides being eco-friendly,  biodegradable zipper bags are great food bags. They have the ability to protect the products inside from damage for a long time.

2.2/ Sorting zipper bags based on style

  • Bags with press-lock 

This is the most common type of bag. It is locked with a press-lock at the top of the bag. Just use your hands to gently stroke the two edges of the mouth of the bag together and they will close.  

  • Bags with zipper 

This type of bag uses a strong and convenient zipper line at the mouth of the bag, helping to close the bag faster.  

3/ Tips for choosing right food zipper bags

zipper bags

  • Check the tightness of the bag 

To protect the food inside well, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the bag. Make sure the bag has a secure zipper. Especially for fresh food or drinks, the sealed zipper bag will prevent liquid from leaking out.

  • Ensure thickness 

Zipper bag thickness is also a factor you should consider when buying. If using zipper bags to store frozen foods, choose thick bags, preferably with a thickness of 0.07mm or more. If you choose a zipper bag that is too thin, your food inside will likely be oxidized by the outside air even though the bag is closed.

  • Heat resistance test

You should test the heat resistance of the zipper bag to be sure that it can be used in hot water to defrost food or use in the microwave.

  • Choose the bag size that suits your needs

 You need to choose the right zipper bag size and suitable for the type of food. If storing large or liquid food, choose a bag with a wide bottom. Food such as meat, fish, … can use vertical bottom bags.

  • Find places to buy quality zipper bags

On the market now, there are many suppliers of zipper packaging with similar models and services. However, not all manufacturers can provide quality zipper packaging. Therefore, we recommend you to buy zipper packaging from reputable suppliers with modern production lines to ensure product quality. Especially, for recycled packaging, choose to buy from a manufacturer that meets the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

If you have a need to order in bulk, you should order directly at reputable manufacturing facilities to get the best price (because not through an intermediary) and can be consulted, designed on demand.  

4/ Where to order bulk food zipper bags? 

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Above are the things to know when buying food zipper bags. If you still have any questions or need advice and quotes, please don’t be hesitate to contact  us through: 



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