5 types of plastic product packaging commonly used today

Are you looking for the appropriate kind of plastic product packaging for your company? The following article will suggest 5 types of packaging that businesses choose to use the most today. Let’s see now!

1. PE seal packaging with printing

Mouth seal PE bags have one side cut higher than the other, and parallel horizontal seal strips on the edge. To use, simply peel off the protective plastic seal to quickly apply it to the other side of the mouth. This is a convenient, easy-to-use model, often used in packaging goods such as electronics, fashion, and food,… This kind of bag is also often designed with a small hole near the mouth to ensure that it is breathable. Therefore, they are very suitable when packing foods such as fresh vegetables, tubers, and fruits… for refrigeration.

PE seal packaging with printing 

Although most PE packaging is transparent, you can ultimately order PE bags in a variety of colors and have additional printing done to increase brand recognition.

2. PP packaging mouth seal with printing

It’s still a handy mouth seal design, but PP packaging will give you an extra choice of materials. PP bags are made from virgin PP (Polypropylene) plastic, instead of PE plastic beads (polyethylene). PE plastic beads produce flexible packaging products with good elasticity, whereas PP plastic beads produce stronger packaging products with less elasticity. During the printing process, the surface of the PP bag prints better since it is easier to catch colors, and produces sharp, attractive finished products, resulting in higher marketing effectiveness. Depending on your needs and purposes, please choose the right type of plastic packaging material to pack the product!

PP packaging mouth seal with printing

3. Zipper packaging

Zipper packaging is also one of the commonly used types of plastic product packaging. Zipper bag, also known as zip lock bag with the familiar swipe-type mouth ziplock design. In addition, this type of bag has an upgraded version with a handy zipper style, giving you more options when using this type of packaging.

Zipper packaging

Zipper packaging is flexible, airtight, and has good odor retention, dust resistance, and moisture resistance, so it is widely used in the packaging of food products, cosmetics, fashion, and consumer goods,… You can order color-printed zipper bags beside the usual transparent zipper bags to leave a lasting impression on customers.

4. OPP Packaging

Packaging made of OPP has a sleek, iridescent appearance, which makes it a common choice in the food, medical, garment, and stationery industries. OPP bags are high quality, with great durability, transparent, and waterproof. You can easily find and buy this type of plastic product packaging on the market with many different models of color printed bags, and seal bags, … Nevertheless, you should look for affordable suppliers for bulk purchases and printing on packaging.

OPP Packaging

5. Recycled packaging

Using recycled plastic beads as its material, recycled plastic packaging is an environmentally friendly product. As a result of the recycling of plastic packaging, less plastic waste will enter the environment. Recycled packaging is produced with a variety of models and sizes, so it is widely applied in product packaging. The bag has stable toughness, a smooth glossy surface is durable, and can combine printing according to needs. If you choose recycled packaging, ensure that the product meets the Global Recycling Standards (GRS) Certification for quality and safety.

Recycled packaging

The Minh Sang Packaging company provides quality plastic packaging in Ho Chi Minh City. Plastic packaging is our specialty, and we have been operating in the field for more than 10 years. Minh Sang’s products are manufactured under modern machines, large-scale factories, and experienced staff. In other words, packaging products from Minh Sang are always durable, beautiful, and of high-quality printing. Using our recycled packaging line is completely safe thanks to GRS certification, so you can be sure of its quality.

You will always get the best price if you order packaging directly from the factory. You should choose the right packaging for each product in your business based on its characteristics, so the product can be packaged quickly and beautifully. Should you need more advice on choosing the right product packaging, contact us via Hotline (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292 for support. Wishing you a great deal on the packaging you like!

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