How PE Food Packaging Can Benefit You? 

PE food packaging is being used widely.  You may have used it before, but whether you can distinguish PE food packaging from the others? The following article will show you how to distinguish it and the benefits of using PE food packaging.  

1/ What is PE food packaging?    

pe food packaging

Food packaging is one of the most interesting products because it can affect human health. Packaging not only makes the product more aesthetic but also relates to the safety of the product. PE food packaging is a type of packaging made from PE plastic beads. Therefore, it has characteristics such as toughness, enduring, smooth surface, waterproof and moisture-proof, safe for health. That’s why it is suitable and used widely for packing food products.

Good food packaging maintains food quality during transit. It also protects food from the effects of sunlight, moisture, dirt,… in all conditions of transportation. 

Being made from PE plastic, these food packaging bags are very suitable for printing the brand name, slogan or any messages that your business is trying to convey to customers. You can find PE food packaging easily on the market. It has a variety of styles such as transparent PE bags, colored PE bags, printed PE bags,…. Besides bags, PE food packaging also has the form of bottles to pack beverages, cooking oils, spices, and so on…

2/ How to identify PE food packaging and PE industrial packaging? 

If only based on the appearance, it will be difficult to distinguish PE food packaging from PE industrial packaging. You can only distinguish them through the numerical symbols on the packaging. At the bottom of most plastic containers, there is a small number. It’s inside the three arrow triangle recycling symbol. The recycling code constitutes consists of 7 numbers, from 1 to 7. You can refer to the table below: 

pe food packaging
Meaning of numbers on plastic bottles


It is best to use plastic packaging with symbols 1, 3, 5 to store food. Plastic packaging with symbols 2, 4, 6, 7 should be limited to store food, it is mainly used in industry. In particular, plastic packaging with the number 7 (containing polycarbonate PC) is usually only used in industry. To protect our health, consumers and businessmen should choose plastic packaging with the symbols HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PET printed on it.

3/ Benefits of using PE food packaging    

pe food packaging

Because food has a direct impact on human health, food packaging also needs to be selected carefully, ensuring that the quality of the food inside is not changed and harmful for health. In business activities, here are the benefits that PE food packaging brings us:  

Food preservation

The basic and most important function of packaging is to contain and keep the product inside safe, not to be broken, damaged and to avoid the influences of the external environment.

PE packaging has lightweight and good resistance to environmental influences such as air and steam,… so it is suitable for food. Food stored in plastic packaging for a short time will not be degraded. The transportation of items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. with plastic packaging helps to limit the loss and does not affect the nutrients in the food.

Transmission of information

In addition to the function of packaging and preserving food, the information on the packaging also helps consumers know about the function and composition of the product. Moreover, customers also keep in mind the brand name of the manufacturer through packaging. Beautifully printed packaging is a way for manufacturers to make a difference for themselves. 

Marketing effectiveness

As you’ve known, beautiful packaging is also an effective marketing solution. It helps businesses boost sales and save costs for promotional activities. PE packaging is suitable for printing. Thus, you can print logos, messages on demand. It will give you a more beautiful and impressive packaging.  PE packaging gives you more color choices, too. Let’s use impressive food packaging to make customers keep an eye on your business.

The information above is the shares from Minh Sang about PE food packaging. Hope the article has given you useful information about this type of packaging. If you are in need of PE food packaging, don’t hesitate to contact Minh Sang to order quickly.

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