3 things businesses need to know before choosing cheap recycled plastic bags

Cheap recycled plastic bags are considered a solution to help many businesses optimize costs but still meet the reduction of waste in the environment. However, the market for cheap recycled plastic bags is extremely diverse. Therefore, before choosing, enterprises need to learn and grasp important information that not all production units mention, typically as 3 things below.

1. Cheap recycled bags are potentially hazardous

potentially hazardous

Recycled plastic bags are products produced from used plastic bags to minimize the amount of waste and their impacts on the environment. To be more specific, they are made from recycled plastic – the plastic that is synthesized from used plastic waste.

Specifically, recycled plastic, after being collected, will be crushed, cleaned, dried, and melted. Then, the plastic mixture is passed through the extruder, which is converted to plastic fibers or plastic pellets. Recycled plastic materials are used to manufacture recycled plastic bags, which helps to save new plastic materials, and reduce the consumption of materials for the production of plastic products. This is how the recycled plastic bag product was born.

However, since it is manufactured from used plastic, the packaging manufacturer needs to pay special attention to the processing of recycled plastic in the cleaning process. If this stage is not done well, the risk of harmful elements remaining in the plastic will still cause negative impacts on the health of users, some of which affect the quality of business products.

Of course, price does not necessarily determine quality, but with low-cost products, it is difficult to guarantee that they are produced under advanced production lines, modern technology, and standard cleaning processes. Therefore, the safety factor is the first thing businesses should consider when choosing cheap recycled plastic bag products.

2. The quality of the cheap recycled plastic bag was not as expected

quality safe and good price sollution for bussiness

Quality here includes durability, thin thickness, ductility, usability, and longevity.

As mentioned above, low-cost products are difficult to guarantee quality, especially when the ingredients that make up the recycled plastic bag are not only plastic but also many other chemical ingredients to increase durability and flexibility. So when choosing cheap recycled plastic bags, businesses need to be ready that the quality will not be as expected, even poor quality, directly affecting products and brands.

3. Not all used plastic bags can be recycled

Recycled plastic bags are recycled from used plastic or defective products. However, not all plastic bags can be recycled. Therefore, sometimes businesses will easily buy the wrong products that do not meet the standards, which is extremely important if your product is exported.

In many countries around the world, the quality of packaging needs to meet the requirements for safety and recyclable material composition. This is the reason why many enterprises’ packages cannot be imported to other countries because they do not meet the requirements, leading to the loss of opportunities to access international markets because the quality of the packaging is not satisfactory and the criteria are not met international standards.

When choosing cheap recycled plastic bags, businesses have a high risk of buying poor quality products that do not meet the requirements of the recycled material content as well as the production process. This is an extremely important factor that businesses need to grasp before choosing cheap recycled plastic bags, especially when they want to conquer the international market.


provies impressive beauty printing serveice to add in brand promotion

With many years of experience in the field of printing and producing packaging, Minh Sang is proud to bring businesses quality packaging products that meet international standards at the best prices in the market.

Minh Sang recycled plastic bag meets the global standard

Minh Sang is one of the few packaging manufacturers owning recycled plastic bag products that are certified to Global Recycled Standard (GRS- Global Recycled Standard).

The GRS standard aims to include monitoring and controlling recycled inputs, ensuring strict production requirements, and providing customers with testing tools to ensure that raw materials are in the final product are recycled and disposed of more sustainably, thereby reducing harmful impacts on people and the environment.

With GRS, Minh Sang is proud to provide quality packaging products that are environmentally friendly, meet the strict regulations of many countries on the packaging, and help domestic exporters conquer the international market.

Minh Sang provides impressive, beautiful printing services to aid in brand promotion

Not only producing recycled plastic bags with good quality and high durability, but Minh Sang also supports printing at the request of customers with gravure printing technology to produce beautiful, sharp finished products to support product promotion and good brand positioning for the business.

Minh Sang meets large numbers of order with fast delivery

With a modern machinery system, a factory-scale of 5000m2, technicians and workers with full experience and high skills, Minh Sang commits to respond quickly to orders with a large quantity as required,  help ensure quality and beautiful designs.

Best price in the market

Minh Sang is a self-produced unit and directly supplied to the business without third party intervention, so the price of recycled plastic bags will be cheaper than many other suppliers. Besides, we have many incentives for large orders and loyal customers that not all units have.

Thus, while helping businesses optimize costs, in the long run, cheap recycled plastic bags will significantly affect the development of businesses. So before choosing the packaging for its products, businesses need to carefully calculate the gains and losses in long term development.

To own quality recycled plastic bags at the best price, contact Minh Sang immediately for specific advice and get more detailed information as follow:

Hotline: (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292

Email: sale@baobiminhsang.com

Website: baobiminhsang.com

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