Where do we buy the cheapest slider zipper bags for storing clothes?

Where to buy the slider zipper bags, which are cheap but still ensure the quality is the concern of many shop and clothing store owners, in order to enhance product value and promote good brand moderately. If this is also your problem, let Minh Sang Packaging help you find the most suitable choice for this.

Where do we buy the cheapest slider zipper bags for storing clothes?

  1. The advantages of slider zipper bags

Compared with other types of handbags or regular zipper bags, slider zipper bags are increasingly used by many fashion shops and clothes store owners due to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to water, moisture, and dirt, especially protecting clothes from oxidation and fading when exposed to the sun.
  • The bag is designed with a simple but delicate, luxurious color that increases the value of the product.
  • Compact size, thin and light of the bags can help to hold many items without increasing the weight for the whole bag and make it easy to move to anywhere
  • The bag can be combined with logo printing, slogan, or eye-catching images to create highlights, helping users to remember your brand name better.
  • Some slider zipper bags are biodegradable that enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Customers can reuse slider zipper bags to store clothes, items while traveling, to store food which helps minimize the amount of plastic waste in the environment.
  1. Some parameters shop owners should pay attention to when choosing slider zipper bags

Slider zipper bags are diverse in designs and types. So in order to choose the right bag for your product, you need to pay attention to some information like materials, parameters, size of the bag…as follows:

ome parameters shop owners should pay attention to when choosing slider zipper bags

Material: PE plastic

Additional slider zip-lock for clear operation

Printing method: Gravure printing is preferred for sharp, outstanding colors

The thickness of the bag is from 4-10zem (1 zem is equivalent to 0.1mm)

Bag color: transparent, opaque white, or print on request

Popular slider zipper bag sizes

Small size clothes bag Medium and large size clothes bags

7*10cm 18*23cm

10*14cm 18*25cm

12*17cm 20*25cm

13*18cm 18*28cm

13*20cm 20*28cm

14*20cm 20*30cm

15*15cm 22*32cm

15*20cm 25*35cm

15*23cm 30*40cm

15*25cm 35*45cm

16*23cm 35*50cm

17*24cm 40*60cm

  1. Where to buy the cheapest clothes slider zipper bags?

Quality products, beautiful designs, affordable prices are the criteria for choosing slider zipper bags for clothes of most shop owners and fashion shops today.

Fully meeting these criteria, Minh Sang Packaging is proud to be the place to provide businesses and shops with quality, beautiful packaging products at the cheapest price.

5 reasons why you should choose Minh Sang packaging as your partner

With many years of experience in the field of packaging production, Minh Sang is committed to providing customers with the highest satisfaction when experiencing products and services with criteria, including:

5 reasons why you should choose Minh Sang packaging as your partner

Packaging with good durability, high quality

Using PE plastic as the bag production material helps Minh Sang slider zipper products not only be flexible but also possess extremely good durability, unless you use a sharp object to puncture it, which helps to protect and maintain the value of the product for users

Besides, products of Minh Sang Packaging are tested for quality before leaving the factory, which can make you completely assured of product quality.

Diverse, beautiful, and custom-made designs

With slider zipper bags for clothes, Minh Sang accepts designs according to the needs of customers to produce the most satisfying products. In addition, Minh Sang always has available packaging designs for you to choose the suitable one for your own bags.

Diverse, beautiful, and custom-made designs

Using environmentally friendly materials

With the desire to encourage people to use products that are less harmful to the environment and minimize plastic waste, Minh Sang chooses environmentally friendly materials that can be biodegradable and highly reusable.

Fulfill all needs

With a factory system of over 5000m2, which is invested with modern equipment and machines and operated by a team of experienced staff and engineers, Minh Sang can respond to all needs and requirements of customers quickly.

Good price

Not only owning quality products, but Minh Sang also brings customers products with the best prices on the market to help you balance your costs in the most effective way.

In short, if you are interested in buying cheap and quality slider zipper bags for clothes packaging, Minh Sang wil be the first choice you can think about. For customers in the HCM city, you can visit our company at 82 Street 102 Cao Lo, Ward 4, District 8, Tp. HCM to see product models and ask for advice.

For those who live far away from us, just simply contact us at Hotline (+84) 283 983 2290

 for a detailed quotation as well as advice to choose the product with the best price.