Where to buy biodegradable bags with good quality and affordable price?

The demand for biodegradable bags is increasing, especially when consumers increasingly prefer environmentally friendly products, and countries around the world are calling for recyclable packaging. However, for businesses, a good product needs to come with a reasonable price. So where to buy biodegradable bags with good quality and affordable price?

Where to buy biodegradable bags with good quality and affordable price?

1 / How to buy proper biodegradable bags

Before buying a good price biodegradable bag, make sure that the bag you choose is the correct biodegradable product.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of bags with labels of biodegradable bags. Most of them are not able to decompose but only stop at the level of decomposing into small pieces. The rest are almost uncertain about their physical properties or even unable to decay in the natural environment.

These products, when quality is not guaranteed, can cause many undesirable consequences, which can indirectly kill your brand. Therefore, consumers and businesses need to identify quality products before deciding to buy.

First, we need to understand the concept of biodegradable bags. This type of bag is made from bio-based plastic with 50% PE virgin resin, 40% starch and the remaining 10% are organic-derived enhancers. 

The starch particles, when mixed with the resin, will alternate into the plastic circuit. At the right conditions and temperature, the plastic circuit will be fermented, stimulating the production of microorganisms, which will eat the plastic beads, helping the plastic bag to be completely broken down. The time to decompose a biodegradable bag is between 6-12 months and 5-10 years to fully decompose.

Although the composition changes, the physical properties of the biodegradable bag basically are no different from ordinary plastic bags in terms of surface, water-repellency, and toughness. It is possible to distinguish between ordinary plastic bags and biodegradable bags if only seen with the naked eyes. To identify biodegradable bags, you only need to grasp the following 3 basic features:

  • The bag surface is beautiful, smooth, mainly white
  • Biodegradable bags have the starch aroma
  • They can be burned out with no odor, or accompanying blue flame

How to buy proper biodegradable bags

2 / Where to buy biodegradable bags at good prices?

With more than 10 years of working in the field of plastic packaging production, Minh Sang is proud to be the unit that brings businesses and consumers high-quality packaging products with competitive prices, good services, and many attractive offers.

Biodegradable bags or starch bags are the core product that meets Minh Sang’s green packaging production criteria. The starch bag is manufactured from biobased biodegradable plastic beads, safe with modern and advanced technology lines to ensure compliance with specified standards.

Decomposition bag products at Minh Sang are diversified with beautiful designs, meeting the needs of businesses. In addition to the available models, Minh Sang also supports designing and printing at the request of customers to produce unique, creative, and impressive bags.

3/ 5 reasons why you should choose packaging Minh Sang

  • Packaging products are committed to standards
  • Diverse models, products are checked quality carefully before leaving the factory
  • Quickly respond to demand, deliver on schedule
  • Competitive price, diversified, many incentives
  • Design according to customer requirements

5 reasons why you should choose packaging Minh Sang

For those who are far away or do not able to visit the store, contact Minh Sang immediately at HOTLINE (028) 3983 2292 to receive a quote as well as get more detailed information support.