Where to buy and print flat bottom zipper bags with the best price in Vietnam?

Flat bottom zipper bags are widely used to store and pack products in many different fields from food to electronic components, medical equipment …Moreover, this is also the type of packaging used for display to help businesses better promote products and brands.

You are interested in this type of product and are looking for the best place to buy them in HCMC, Vietnam?

Look for your answers at Minh Sang packaging. With many years of experience in the field of packaging production, designing, and printing, Minh Sang will be the place where you can trust quality packaging products with the best prices in the market.

Where to buy and print flat bottom zipper bags with the best price in Vietnam?

1 / Flat bottom zipper bags with various designs, many colors, and sizes

The Flat Bottom Zipper Bag is an improved version of the regular Zipper bag. The advantage of this type of bag is that it can stand firmly to display and promote products and brands.

At Minh Sang, the flat bottom zipper bag is made of PE plastic, with outstanding advantages in toughness, high durability, and especially excellent transparency to show the best and authentic inside images and products to customers. The bag is highly secure, so you can store all kinds of food safely, from dried foods such as nuts, dried beef, dried fruits to drinks such as milk tea, fruit juices …

Minh Sang owns many models of zipper bags with diverse colors, many sizes, suitable for many different fields from components, medical equipment to masks, food, cosmetics … You just need to contact us. We will send you the available sample, size table, price for reference.

Some common sizes of flat bottom zipper bags are as follows:

  • Size 12 cm x 19 cm
  • Size 15cm x 19 cm
  • Size 18cm x 26 cm
  • Size 20 cm x 32 cm

2 / Design and print the custom bottom zipper bag

Thanks to the ability to stand and show the products inside, flat bottom zipper bags are used a lot by many businesses to attract customers. Accordingly, the bag will be designed in the style and characteristics of the brand and printed with many eye-catching colors to make impress, especially the packaging products of Tet.

In Minh Sang, besides the available samples, you can order design and print packaging according to the requirements in accordance with the orientation of the business or product. With strong resources and improved modern machinery and equipment, as well as using sharp gravure printing technology, Minh Sang is committed to providing products that are beautiful, attractive, unique, and responsive to your demand.

Design and print the custom bottom zipper bag

3 / The best flat bottom zipper bag price in HCM, Vietnam

The market of bottom zipper bags is extremely diverse, which will give you many choices. However, if you want to own high-quality flat bottom zipper bags, with beautiful printing, unique design at an affordable price, and many attractive incentives, Minh Sang will definitely be a reliable name to you looking for those things.

Why is the price of Minh Sang packaging good?

  • Good price and quality assurance for input raw materials 
  • Manufacturing directly without intermediaries
  • Production in large quantities with many incentives
  • Minh Sang always has extremely attractive offers for those who order in large quantity.

To get a quote, you just need to contact us at hotline 028 3983 2290.

4 / Responding to large orders quickly

With a factory with an area of up to 5000 m2, investment in modern and advanced equipment, Minh Sang commits to respond quickly to large orders. Each product will ensure the quality without errors because Minh Sang has extremely careful control over the output.

Responding to large orders quickly

5 / How to buy flat bottom zipper bags in Minh Sang?

If you are interested in Minh Sang packaging in general and the bottom zipper bag in Minh Sang in particular, you can visit our showroom at 102 Cao Lo, Ward 4, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  to see packaging samples, designing, receiving quotes, and for better advice or support.

For customers who are far away or inconvenient to take place, please contact Minh Sang immediately at Hotline (+84)28 3983 2290. Our team of professional and dedicated consultants will assist you with the exact quote, as well as suggesting the design of zipper bag packaging design, thereby helping you to have the best choice.