Silver ziplock bags and 5 outstanding features that appeal to every business

silver ziplock bags

Silver ziplock bags, also known as silver zipper pouch, are one of the popular types of bags, appearing on the market and favored by many businesses, as well as consumers. So, what types are they available and what are their outstanding advantages that are widely used? If you are also interested in this product, don’t miss this article.

How many types of silver ziplock bags are there?

how many type of silver ziplock bags are there

Silver ziplock bags became popular and used in many industries. This type of bag is composed of several layers, including aluminum and metalize. In which, metalize is the packaging film which is plated with a thin metal layer such as nickel, aluminum, chromium, … In which, the silver-colored aluminum film is used the most.

Based on the structure, silver ziplock bags on the market are divided into two basic types as follows:

1 / One-side silver ziplock bags

The design with one silver side and one transparent side help this type of silver ziplock bags to serve the purpose of storing all kinds of dry products. Products contained in the bags are often eye-catching, customers can easily see the products from the outside and inside, stimulate the desire to own the product, promote the purchase of products from customers faster.

2 / Two-side silver ziplock bags

This type of bag has a thicker design than one-side silver ziplock bags. The silver coating on both sides helps to bring aesthetic beauty, elegance, and better preservation of the product inside.

Depending on the type of product and the product to serve, businesses will choose the bag with the right structure, helping the business and sale to maximize efficiency.

5 outstanding advantages of silver ziplock bags in the market

1 / Smart design

smart design

Silver ziplock bags are designed with a thick, sliding lock, surrounded by clean and luxurious silver, which helps to attract customers’ eyes. Smart design helps users to easily open and close with just a slight slide.

2 / High durability

Silver ziplock bags are a product with high durability due to the thick, flexible packaging. The bag is used to hold any solid, powder or liquid products without fear of falling out, and to ensure durability over time.

3 / Good food preservation

The bag is coated with a silver layer, so it is extremely resistant to sticking, waterproof, and water-leakage, limiting the light, air, or high temperature from the outside that can damage the product inside. 

Silver ziplock bags are often used to store dried fruits, dried foods, or drinks that are loved by many people such as lemon tea, peach tea, milk tea…which is extremely convenient, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

4 / High aesthetics

high asesthetics

Compared to other types of zipper bags, silver ziplock bags are more aesthetically pleasing due to the luxurious, eye-catching silver layer. Some silver ziplock bags have a flat bottom design, which can be extended, making it extremely convenient and beautiful to display the bag on the shelves or flat surface.

5 / Reasonable price

Silver ziplock bags on the market are affordable and suitable for the finances of many customers. Moreover, the bag can be reused many times if you know how to preserve and keep it clean. This helps to maximize cost savings for both businesses and consumers.

Silver ziplock bags are favored by many businesses, manufacturers, and consumers because of the above 5 outstanding advantages. Why not use this type of bag for your industry to optimize product production and distribution? Contact us immediately for specific advice with the following information:

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