Learn more about starch bags and their uses in life

Starch bags are considered a “rescue” product for environmental problems from plastic waste, and a “green” packaging solution for businesses due to their fast biodegradability. In which areas are starch bags often used? Let find out these things with Minh Sang in this article.

Learn more about starch bags and their uses in life

1 / What is a starch bag?

Starch bags are not 100% starch bags as many people mistakenly believe. They are bags and packaging made from a plastic resin, typically Biobased resin. In which the main ingredient accounting for 50% will be the primary plastic PE, 40% will be the presence of starch, which can be wheat flour, cornstarch, tapioca, bagasse …

The mixing ratio will vary depending on the production unit, with the rest being organic compounds.

It is the presence of starch that helps starch bags decompose faster, safer for users and especially extremely friendly with the environment. In addition, starch bags still retain the durable, tough, impervious, heat-resistant, airtight properties of ordinary plastic bags. On the other hand, starch bags have many colors, diverse designs, can print logos, images … Therefore, they serve the different purposes of the business.

2 / The breakdown mechanism of starch bags

Many people wonder why starch is added to the components of the production of plastic bags makes them decompose better, while 50% of the ingredients are still plastic particles?

The breakdown mechanism of starch bags

As mentioned above, the ingredients including PE resin, starch, and organic compounds will be synthesized into Bio Based-Biodegradable resin. When mixing the ingredients, the biological components from starch are deeply linked into the plastic circuit structure, under the impact of environmental humidity, the biological components will ferment and form microorganisms inside the plastic circuit.

The fermentation process for the plastic turns it into a non-water-resistant component, making it easier for microorganisms to attack the plastic circuit, from which bags and packaging will be completely decomposed in the natural environment, after being buried in an airborne environment.

On average, bags will begin to degrade after 6 months and decompose gradually. After about 5-10 years, starch bags will be completely decomposed, many times shorter than plastic bags that take up to 1000 years to decompose.

3 / In which industries are the starch bags commonly used?

Studies have shown that consumers are more and more likely to prefer “green” products. They are willing to spend a greater amount of money to use environmentally friendly products. This change forces businesses, manufacturers, and factories to change their packaging products and starch bags are the first choice for catching this increasingly demand.

Starch bags have similar physical properties to conventional plastic bags, so they are popular with many businesses, widely used in supermarkets, shops, restaurants in many areas of life, production.

  • Starch bags for food
  • Starch bags for products of the fashion industry
  • Starch bags for shopping bags in supermarkets and stores
  • Starch bag for coating

4 / Where to buy starch bags?

Starch bags are not too popular but not too rare in the market, businesses can find themselves many different options. However, it should be noted that the quality of the bag must be ensured in terms of safety and degradability. Moreover, an affordable price will help businesses save costs better. A production and distribution unit with a reasonable after-sales policy will help businesses enjoy many incentives and peace of mind in the process of cooperation and use of products.

Where to buy starch bags?

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