How you can vacuum Zipper bags to store food simply at home

If you want to preserve food for a long time, especially during the Tet holidays, you can use Zipper bags with some very simple vacuum tips below

Here’s how to vacuum zipper bags easily without a vacuum sealer

Zip-top bags are the most popular type of food bag because they have a high level of airtightness, preserving food better. Further, to keep food fresh for a long time, especially during the Tet holiday, you can apply manual vacuum tips with Zipper bags as follows, without using a vacuum sealer.

Here's how to vacuum zipper bags easily without a vacuum sealer

Step 1: Prepare a Zipper bag, 1 basin of water, and food to store

First, you must prepare Zipper bags of the right size for food. A basin of clean water. Meanwhile, prepare the food for preservation. There are some foods you need to clean in advance to keep them fresh longer. For example, for vegetables, you only need to remove wilted leaves, don’t wash them with water. Meat should be cleaned with salt water, which can be divided into bite-sized pieces for easy use. Make sure each type of food is stored separately, not together.

Step 2: Put food in the Zipper bag, and pull 1 part of the bag’s top. Keep a piece of about 3cm. To prevent water from flooding inside the bag, check if the bag is punctured.

Step 3: Slowly drop the bag into the basin. Note that the food should be flooded with water. At the same time, the bag must not be submerged to prevent water from entering. Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top of the Zipper bag so that air can escape.

Step 4: Under the pressure of water, the air in the bag will be pushed out. Finish by pulling the zip lock completely when the air is out.

Another method is to use a straw to suck out all the air without putting it in water. Once the gas has been exhausted, seal the bag and complete the process. This method, however, requires a lot of strength if there is a large amount of food to preserve.

Tips for preserving fresh food for a long time with ensuring safety and hygiene

Although vacuuming is a way to help preserve food better. It is possible to keep food better if you know the following tips, especially during long holidays such as Tet.

Keep your refrigerator clean

When your refrigerator is clean, bacteria will be less likely to attack food, allowing your food to last longer. As well, you should make sure that raw and cooked food are kept separate so they can prevent “cross-contamination”.

Keep your refrigerator clean

Pre-prepared food

After buying food, you should prepare it cleanly to remove bacteria and pathogens. The only thing to note is that vegetables should not be washed with water, but instead picked out the wilted stalks and stamped leaves, and then placed in a bag. In this way, the food will be able to be stored more effectively and for a longer period of time. For convenience, you should also divide them.

Proper defrosting

After removing food from the refrigerator, avoid putting it in hot water to defrost. Before using any food that is in the freezer compartment, it is best to place it in the cooler overnight. This will ensure that the food is thawed while retaining its nutritional value.

Proper defrosting

Due to this, you do not need to use vacuum sealers, since Zipper bags allow you to store food for a longer time, especially during Tet.

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