7 notes when printing paper packaging to look beautiful and economical

To have beautiful bags, paper boxes, attract customers, promote well the brand, printing plays an extremely important role. What factors should be paid attention to when printing, in order to help your business’s paper bags create an impression on the viewer but optimize costs, especially in this Tet season?

1 / Choose paper packaging material

Printing paper is considered the key factor determining the printing quality of packaging. Selecting good materials for printing will help to ensure the adhesion of the ink. At the same time, it helps the printing process take place quickly and easily, increasing the aesthetics of paper packaging.

Currently, there are many types of printing paper on the market to make product packaging such as couches, duplex, kraft, bristol, fort paper … Corresponding to each type of paper, quality and price will also be different. Therefore, businesses need to carefully consider the purpose of using them to choose printing paper with the most suitable quality and price.

2 / Paper packaging techniques

The printing technique will determine the sharpness, the printed image as well as the percentage of ink smudged, how long to use it … Therefore, this is also the note that businesses need to pay attention to when printing packaging in order to produce beautiful, quality products.

There are two popular paper printing techniques that are considered to keep the color good, sharp, and less smudged: offset printing and UV printing. In addition, businesses can also refer to printing techniques using 3D effects on paper packaging to help the packaging look more impressive and unique.

Paper packaging techniques

3 / The size of paper packaging in printing

The size of the package will determine the printing cost as well as the effectiveness of the promotion process. For example, if the size is too large, the distribution of images and content becomes complicated, which has no emphasis and does not create interest. On the contrary, the small size makes the user unable to recognize the images and messages.

4 / Quantity of printing paper

Paperweight determines the thickness and thinness of the product and affects the quality of printed images. For example, for Kraft paper, the quantity from 60gms to 300gms is considered suitable, not too thick, not too thin, ensuring the function of storing and beautiful printing images. Therefore, when printing bags, businesses need to calculate appropriately quantitatively, how to quantify at an appropriate level and with reasonable costs.

Quantity of printing paper

5 / The ink quality of paper packaging must be good

Ink is also a factor in deciding whether your business paper packaging is beautiful, attractive, or not. Despite choosing good materials, beautiful images, but with low-quality ink, the message on the bag will not be clear, not stick for long, and reduce quality and efficiency. Moreover, if the quality is not good, this forces businesses to eliminate all, which will be wasteful and expensive.

So choosing quality inks plays a very important role. Do not focus on low cost, but choose fake ink that can have a heavy impact on both cost and brand positioning later.

6 / Layout, font, image

A paper packaging design is considered beautiful when the layout is harmonious, the message clearly conveys, the image is eye-catching, impressive, or unique, attracting viewers. Therefore layout, fonts, and images are extremely important. This is an issue that businesses need to calculate and choose the right designs for the brand as well as ensure that printed products express the messages well sent.

Layout, font, image

7 / Color

Ultimately, if a bag is attractive or not, color still plays a key role. The color of the bag depends on the nature of the industry, the industry, the product and the audience.

However, the disadvantage of paper bags when printing is that almost all types of bags use only the basic color tone of normal paper (white, milky white, brown …). Therefore, when printing, the colors will not be eye-catching. This will make printing paper bags not stand out with plastic bags with attractive colors.


Some businesses choose paper bags instead of plastic bags because they think that paper bags will promote a more environmentally friendly image. However, in reality, using paper bags will encounter the following problems:


  • There are many potential risks when storing products, especially food. For example, when it rains, the bag will get wet easily.
  • The carrying weight is not high. Paper bags are usually only suitable for small, light items. This can increase the number of bags needed, which will further increase production costs.
  • Although biodegradable, in fact, paper bags are still made of wood.
  • Printing color is not eye-catching, quite faint.

Currently, instead of paper bags, many businesses choose environmentally friendly plastic bags, which can be recycled bags or biodegradable bags. This ensures effective storage and preservation of products and better brand promotion. Because plastic bags are easy to print with many different colors, extremely eye-catching, the cost is also not too high.

Depending on the type of goods and the purpose of the business, the choice of bag material also varies. However, if you want to own beautiful packaging models that attract customers but still ensure the inherent features of normal packaging but still friendly with the environment, Minh Sang encourages your businesses to choose recycled plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags.

Minh Sang is a unit with many years of experience in the production of plastic packaging with high quality, beautiful designs, affordable prices, and many attractive incentives. Besides, Minh Sang also supports design and packaging printing according to the requirements of customers.

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