Ziploc slider bag and outstanding features you may not know

Ziploc slider bag is an extremely convenient bag and is used a lot in daily life. You can see this bag in many places such as in supermarkets, food stores, drugstores, … Do you wonder what makes it so popular? Knowing the advantages and applications of this type of bag will make it easier for you to choose. Let’s discover useful information in this article with Minh Sang. 

1/ What is a ziploc slider bag?

ziploc slider bag

Ziploc slider bag is made from PE plastic material – this is a very popular material in packaging production in countries with potential around the world. PE plastic gives the ziploc slider bag many outstanding advantages such as transparent surface, flexibility, durability, and especially low cost.

Regarding the structure of the bag, its mouth is intelligently designed. They are equipped with a sliding zipper line, when opening and closing the bag, you just need to slide the pull button to the sides. This makes the product packaging process faster and easier.

Thanks to its smart design, low price, and good food preservation ability, ziploc slider bag is increasingly widely used in many fields such as food, electronics, fashion,…

2/ Outstanding features of ziploc slider bag

ziploc slider bag

Today, ziploc slider bags are very popular, they bring convenience to daily life as well as in production. In fact, they are seen as an upgraded version of zipper bags because their buckle design is stronger that can store anything without worrying about falling out. Some outstanding features of this bag make you can not ignore when looking for a quality bag:

  • Convenience: First, we can’t deny that using a ziploc slider bag makes life more convenient. With the ziploc slider design, you can quickly open and close the bag by sliding the zipper left and right. There is no need to use any other accessories and it also does not require you to be clever. 
  • Good food preservation: Not only bringing convenience, ziploc slider bag also helps you preserve food in the best way. The mouth of the bag is very airtight and certainly has the ability to prevent moisture, dirt, and chemicals from the outside that can affect the quality of the food inside. For fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood when stored in a ziploc slider bag will help prolong their freshness and longer shelf life.
  • Wide range of bag sizes: Ziploc slider bags are manufactured in a variety of sizes so you can easily find a bag that fits your product. This helps to pack and preserve food more neatly and save space.
  • High durability: Thanks to being manufactured from PE plastic material, the ziploc slider bag is durable, strong, hard to tear even if you store large amounts of food. Moreover, the bag can also be reused many times to reduce plastic waste in the environment and save costs.
  • Easy printing: Ziploc slider bag has a bright surface and is easy to print, ziploc slider bag print has bright and beautiful colors, bringing high aesthetics when storing food and goods.

3/ Popular types of ziploc slider bag

ziploc slider bag

The demand for using ziploc slider bags is increasingly popular so manufacturers offer many different types of ziploc slider bags. Minh Sang helped you list some popular ziploc slider bags below:

  • Transparent Ziploc slider bag: This type of bag is used quite commonly today because they bring high aesthetics, users can easily see the products inside, thereby classifying products better. The bags with transparent surfaces do not need complicated printing, so their price is also cheaper. 
  • Ziploc slider bag flat bottom: This type of bag has a beautiful design, is very popular for storing household items such as electronic components, dry food, powders, nuts, etc.
  • Ziploc slider bag with vertical bottom: With a vertical bottom design, this bag can stand firmly on a flat surface. Therefore, this type of bag is often used to display goods on shelves, in supermarkets, or in exhibitions and workshops.
  • Ziploc slider bag silver side: The bag is designed with 1 silver side and 1 transparent side to bring a luxurious look to the food inside. In addition, this type of bag also has a very thick surface, capable of protecting food well, preventing dirt and moisture from damaging food quality.
  • Ziploc slider bag with handle: This bag is designed with a convenient carrying handle for long-distance travel. It can also hold large volumes of goods without deformation.

4/ How convenient is a ziploc slider bag?

Ziploc slider bags are very versatile, they are used in many fields with their ability to preserve food well and give a luxurious look to food. Some applications of this type of packaging: 

  • Ziploc slider bag helps you preserve fresh foods, vegetables and tubers longer. Thanks to the discreet mouth design, they prevent any external agents from affecting the quality of the products inside.
  • Ziploc slider bags also help preserve dry food better because they have the ability to prevent moisture. Therefore, they are very suitable for storing dry powders, nuts, coffee, …
  • Clothes that you no longer use can be stored in a ziploc slider bag. These bags come in many different sizes, so you can easily choose the right bag for the number of clothes, size of blankets that you want to store.
  • Besides, this type of bag can also be used to store medical supplies, electronic components to avoid loss and rust. 

5/ Buying ziploc slider bag at wholesale price 

It is not difficult for you to find a place that offers ziploc sliders but not everywhere that brings you quality products at a good price. Therefore, if you need to buy ziploc bags, find the bag manufacturers directly, without intermediaries. And Minh Sang is the address where you can rest assured of cooperation.

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Ziploc slider bag is a product that brings a lot of convenience to life. They make it easier to pack and preserve food while ensuring aesthetics. For more detailed advice, please contact Minh Sang via hotline (028) 3983 2290 – (028) 3983 2292