Why are flat bottom ziplock bags popular in the market today? Check out the following 3 reasons

Flat bottom ziplock bags appeared on the market and gradually replaced the regular bags due to its many great gadgets. Why is this kind of plastic bag used so much? Let’s find the answers to learn more about this extremely interesting item.

What makes the difference between flat bottom ziplock bags and other plastic bags?

what make difference

Flat bottom ziplock bags can replace conventional packaging and help to bring professionalism in how to make and increase the elegance of each product. Compared with other plastic bags, this bag is made from high-quality plastic material, which is more tough and durable.

The flat bottom ziplock bags also has a soft, light, and durable string zipper, which that helps to preserve dried foods, powdered foods, or drinks … in a hygienic, clean and safe way. By preventing air contact between the inside and the outside, it is always guaranteed that the product is always airtight and dry.

Using flat bottom ziplock bags helps reduce costs compared to other plastic bags, contributing to brand promotion, widespread popularity to many people, and attracting buyers while ensuring product quality.

Why flat bottom ziplock bags are popular in many stores and supermarkets?

1 / Varied size

varied size

Flat bottom ziplock bags appear a lot at supermarkets and shops with many different packaging models, diverse in sizes and colors that help to express the unique characteristics of each product brand.

Some common sizes are as follows:

  • Size 12 cm x 19 cm
  • Size 15 x 19 cm
  • Size 18 cm x 26 cm
  • Size 20 cm x 32 cm

In addition, if your business wants to tailor its own design with a special size to suit the product, just request it with the packaging manufacturer to give the most specific dimensions for your brand.

2 / Safe material

safe material

The current flat bottom ziplock bags are made from PE material which is colorless, odorless, flexible, safe, and suitable for storing all products from food to utensils while ensuring the quality of preservation as desire.

With a sturdy structure from the inside out, this bag is often used to hold from solids to liquids products, making it waterproof, ensuring safety, environmental friendliness, and creating a distinctive product for each.

3 / Comfort, high aesthetics

The vertical, tapered bottom structure can help the flat bottom ziplock bags stand firmly on the flat surface. It is also easier and more convenient to place products on shelves to display at supermarkets and stores while ensuring aesthetics.

The mouth of the bag can be opened and closed easily, convenient for users, helping to store food, utensils, frozen goods, or beverages conveniently without falling out. In addition, the bag can be reused at a price that is not too expensive, helping to maximize cost savings.

The flat bottom ziplock bags are highly aesthetic, can be easily printed on the surface of the bag, giving a sharp image, showing the message that the brand wants to convey to the user. Thereby, it contributes to increasing brand awareness, helps more people know about the brand due to the image and writing printed on the bag. An eye-catching look that attracts the attention of shoppers is also the strength of the flat bottom ziplock bags to increases the purchasing rate of the product.

Flat bottom ziplock bags appear in many supermarkets and stores today. They are favored and used extensively to hold a wide range of products because of their excellent benefits and comfort. Moreover, the ability to promote the brand of the bag also explains why brands are so popular with these bags and use them widely nowadays.

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