Currently, environmental protection bag products are being used quite popularly. Among them, we can hardly ignore the starch bags – the product that many people appreciate for its eco-friendly factors but still remaining the basic specialized properties.

Wheat starch bags are also known as biodegradable bags. So what are the advantages of biodegradable bags? Why are so many people trusted? The following article will clarify the issue with you shortly.

Starch bags - The biodegradable bags that help protect the environment

Characteristics of biodegradable bags

What are the biodegradable bags? This is a question that many people are interested in because we often understand the concept of ordinary plastic bags will obviously be made of plastic. For biodegradable bags, besides plastic, another main material in the composition of the bag is wheat starch, to ensure that the basic characteristics of ordinary plastic bags are retained.

The biodegradable bag is very thin, durable and tough, waterproof, and can be used for many different purposes. The difference between a biodegradable bag from an ordinary plastic bag is that it can biodegrade after not being used.

Characteristics of biodegradable bags

The self-destruct mechanism of this bag is derived from the organic starch material that makes the bag. After not using, under the influence of microorganisms, the bag will decompose quickly.

The product is very safe for the health of users. Do not harm or adversely affect the user and the item in the bag.

The product has high applicability and is widely used on the market today: supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and many business units. Biodegradable bags make an important contribution to the living environment, limit waste and create a green environment.

Where to buy biodegradable bags?

Currently, there are many units selling this product because it is a product that protects human health and is very friendly to the environment. Capturing the trend of customers and the market towards bio-products, Minh Sang is proud to be the unit specializing in the manufacture of reputable, best quality biodegradable bags. Our unit biodegradable bag products are manufactured on modern and advanced technology lines to ensure compliance with specified standards.

Where to buy biodegradable bags?


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