What are vacuum bags for food? Should we store food in vacuum bags?

Did you know that vacuum bags for food are a great food preservation solution that is most popular today? Let’s learn more about this particular type of bag with Minh Sang Packaging!

What are vacuum bags for food?

Vacuum bags for food are specially designed bags for storing and preserving things, mostly food, so that they are not exposed to air and the outside environment (dirt, moisture, germs, mold, etc.), extending the shelf life of the product.

What are vacuum bags for food?

As well as food, vacuum bags can also be used for preserving medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Characteristics of food vacuum bags

Vacuum bags for food are types of multi-structural complex film packaging made from 100% protozoa plastic PA and PE, with excellent heat resistance, durable and microwaveable, and non-toxic.

Through advanced technology, the surface of the vacuum bag is made smooth and clean, so the quality of the finished product is assured.  Vacuum bags for food use a system that expels all of the bag’s internal air to protect the food by keeping out outside air and reducing the growth of yeast, mold and hazardous bacteria. Food that is stored in vacuum bags stays fresh for progressively longer lengths of time, retaining its nutritional content, freshness, flavor, color, and aroma.

One of the advantages of vacuum bags for food is to keep food for a long time without the need for preservatives, and chemicals to regulate and protect the health of users.

3/ Application of food vacuum bags

Application of food vacuum bags

Due to their high safety and convenience, vacuum bags for food are widely used in food production and processing.
●       Preserve fresh and frozen food: shrimp, fish, squid, meats, etc.
●       Vegetables, frozen fruits.
●       Storage of dry food: nuts, flour, dried food.
●       Processed products: sausages, Vietnamese fish cakes, bacon, etc.

When using vacuum bags for food, the majority of foods are better maintained.

4/ How to use vacuum bags

How to use vacuum bags

Using  a vacuum bag is really quick and easy:

  • Step 1: Clean the food and drain it.
  • Step 2: Choose the bag size that fits the product.
  • Step 3: Put the food in the bag, squeeze all the gas out with a vacuum sealer and seal the bag’s mouth.

Food can be used immediately after being removed from the freezer or after being defrosted and heated in the microwave.

It does not matter if you are selling products or preserving food in your home, a mini vacuum sealer with a specialized bag can still be an excellent option to preserve food.

What should be noted when using vacuum bags?

When using vacuum bags, what should be noted? Let Minh Sang tell you!

What kind of food should vacuum bags be used for?

You can use vacuum bags for most foods, but bags only work best when storing dry, drained foods or fresh, frozen foods.

Processed foods, such as pork spring rolls, pickles, corned beef, etc. should be limited since they do not preserve well due to the presence of bacteria and sour yeast.

Should vacuum bags be reused?

To save money, many people have reused vacuum bags because the bag material is thick and does not seem to wear out after use. However, this is not healthy, vacuum bags should only be used once.

After the first use, the pressed lines or folds on the bag may affect the quality of food preservation. Moreover, the smell and debris of food from previous use may remain in the bag, producing bacteria that spoil the food.

Heat resistance of vacuum bags

Vacuum bags of good quality usually withstand temperatures between 0 and 540 degrees Celsius. This should be kept in mind when using the bag to avoid damaging it.

The secret to choosing a quality vacuum bag

Quality vacuum bags are usually made from virgin PE or PA plastic materials.

  • Thick, smooth bag
  • Homogeneous thickness
  • Transparent, colorless, odorless bag
  • Solid press line, no skewing

Vacuum bags are widely available on the market today, but the best way to choose quality bags is to choose a packaging company with a safety certification.

If you are looking for quality and safe vacuum bags for food, you can contact Minh Sang Packaging – one of the reputable packaging manufacturers in Vietnam.

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