What’s different about comparing PP and PE bags? 

pp and pe bags

Despite the vast number of different types of bags that are available today, plastic is still preferred over other materials because of its durable, transparent properties, and more importantly, because its price is reasonable. The most commonly used plastic bags are PP bags and PE bags. They are thin and easy to store, and you can keep thousands of plastic bags in stock that each occupy 1 square meter, and they also do not become moldy or discolored during storage and use. You can choose the most suitable bag for your product by examining the similarities and differences between PP and PE plastic bags.

1. What are the similarities between PP and PE bags?

PP plastic bags and PE plastic bags are made from different plastic granular materials. PE bags are products made from PE plastic particles called PolyEthylene. For PP plastic is a product made from PP particles called PolyPropylene.

However, pp and PE bags have the same basic characteristics such as:

  • They are colorless, odorless, tasteless and on the surface of the bag are glossy.
  • The bag composition is non-toxic so it is very safe, and can be used in food packaging.
  • No oxidation and no reaction to gasses, light acids…
  • In particular, both PP and PE bags are extremely resistant to oxygen, steam, and grease.
  • These two product lines are highly durable, easy to use, and easy to pack.

2. What’s the difference between a PP and a PE bags? 

pp and pe bags

PP plastic bags and PE plastic bags are two types of bags that are extremely commonly used in daily life. Each type has a characteristic so they are used for different purposes.

Here are some criteria to distinguish between PP bags and PE bags

Criteria PP bags PE bags
Color Colorless, transparent, high gloss Less clear, smooth surface
Hardness Harder than PE bags  
Stretching No dilation Supple, well-stretched
Heavy beary capacity   Better bearing than PP bag
Printing Pp bag surface printing is very good, easy to catch the color, more impressive image, a lot of acuteness than PE bag Still printable but not as acuteness as the PE bag
Scope of use It is used to make business bags such as clothes, fashion items, business bags … Be used as food, food, or grains…

3. Common PP bags

One of the outstanding advantages of PP plastic bags is that the heat resistance is extremely high up to 150 degrees Celsius. Heat resistance is rated as better than PE bags and a lot of bags today on the market. Therefore, when storing hot food, pp bags are not deformed or affect the physical characteristics of the bag. Especially because PP bags are made from high-grade PP materials, they are not toxic. In daily life, PP bags are used for cooking, steaming, pasteurizing, and packaging food, confectionery, and drinking water.

Common pp bags today:

The mouth-glued PP bag is designed in the style that one side of the mouth of the bag will be cut higher than the other. On the side of the mouth of the higher bag, there is a long strip of glue horizontally parallel. The adhesive layer helps the product inside to be kept from falling out. The bag is designed in many different sizes, depending on the long, wide requirements or the needs of the user. The folding edge of the bag is also designed to be convenient for use.

The hip-stacked PP bag has characteristics 2 next to the bag with an equal folding line, when opening the bag is the boxy shape, wide length, high. Pp hip bags are often widely used in daily life for food, food, or even for items such as clothes, shoes, hats,…..

pp and pe bags

PP bag with printed glue mouth: Just like the PP bag glued mouth but with an additional horizontal parallel strip of glue to prevent the product inside from falling out. Printing on the packaging is used to promote and introduce products and brands by printing logos, slogans, phone numbers, usage instructions, and other messages.

pp and pe bags

PP bags containing food, clothing: PP plastic bags containing vegetables, tubers, fruits, fresh foods,… Or other consumer products. The bag comes in many different sizes, so it is suitable for many customer purposes.

pp and pe bags

4. Common PE bags

Hip-stacked PE bag: The bag is characterized by 2 sides the bag with an equal folding line. When we open the bag it is boxy and has a length, width, and height. The bag is transparent, less flexible, waterproof and steam-resistant very well. And although flexible, the bag still ensures a certain hardness. The product is applied in the field of food processing, clothing packaging,… Hip-stacking PE bags are very safe for users not to cause toxicity and change the composition of the food contained inside the bag.

PE Bag Lowers Shoulder Print: this is a specialized bag in the garment industry, designed to protect the garment from agents such as dirt, bacteria, moisture, mold, adhesives, and external effects that can cause the fabric to wrinkle, crumple, tear, and reduce its quality and color. Similarly, lowering the printed shoulder of PE bags helps shape the product and hang the hook directly without having to fold it like other garment products. Cleaning is also simple and these PE bags can be re-used.

PE bag with glue: is a PE bag with a layer of adhesive tape (reusable many times) on the mouth of the bag, making the packaging process easier and faster. This product is also very diverse in size, and bag thickness, depending on the purpose of use. Bottom-pressed PE bags, also known as glass ball bags, are usually sealed with laces or heat welding. Bottom-pressed PE bags appear a lot in life and are often used to store food (jams, dry goods, tea, coffee,…), used to store food in the refrigerator, or thicker ones that can preserve components and tools,… In a temporary way.

PE bag containing milk tea: is a bag with glossy, smooth, thick, durable properties, mango straps, and hard bottoms to be able to easily hold, carry, move,… The product is inside the bag. Depending on their intended use, PE bags are available in many other types. You can refer to the website: https://baobiminhsang.com/ for more information or ask for customized bags for your business.

5. Choose where to buy quality packaging, cheap fake?

Currently, we can easily find the type of packaging on the market at a cheap price. However, the purchase of packaging of unknown origin will risk affecting the process of preserving the product. Poor quality packaging will be easily torn, damaged, and dropped products out. The air and steam coming in will also damage your product. Furthermore, for food products, you must choose a reputable packaging provider to ensure the quality of the products and the health of consumers.

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