Which are the best food storage bags?

What varieties of food storage bags are offered? Which one is the greatest to choose? You may find all the details you require in this article by Minh Sang!

1/ What types of food storage bags are available?

Currently, there are many types of bags to preserve food extremely handy, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Here are the four most common types of food storage bags:

Food storage bags with zip locks

Food storage bags with zip locks

Most people use this kind of food storage bag at home. This type of bag is also known as a zipper. In addition to being chosen for food, they are also very popular for storing electronics, components, or medical items, etc.

The mouth of the bag features a zip line or zipper that makes it easier to open and close the bag. At the same time, this separator also helps the food stored inside avoid external influences, helping the food stay fresh.

Zippered food storage bags made from high-quality protozoa plastic are odorless, colorless, and waterproof and can be used repeatedly.

Frozen food storage bags

This type of bag is specialized for storing food in the freezer of the refrigerator. Frozen food storage bags are often used to store meat, fish, shrimp, squid, etc. to be able to store for a long time and use for later meals. When placed in the refrigerator, the food in the bag won’t turn to ice but will keep its natural freshness.

As far as design goes, frozen food storage bags look a lot like zip bags, but they are more versatile and can be used in high-temperature environments like microwaves to defrost food.

Vacuum food storage bags

This type of bag is made from thick PE or PA plastic, which is durable and heat resistant. This helps the food to be better preserved, and fresher while avoiding the possibility of preventing the entry of air and moisture.

Vacuum food storage bags

Food can only be kept in regular bags for one to two days in hot, humid weather. However, the shelf life can be extended by 1-2 months when utilizing vacuum food bags during the storage time.

Using vacuum bags will preserve food, but you will need a vacuum sealer to remove the air and seal the bag tightly. It is because of this fussiness that vacuum bags are unpopular with consumers.

Biodegradable food storage bags

Recently, a number of new kinds of biodegradable, fully decomposable food storage bags have entered the market.
Known for its convenient design, this type of bag prevents air ingress for a long time, keeping food fresh and delicious for a longer time. Biodegradable food storage bags do not contain additives that penetrate the food during food storage such as lead or cadmium, safe for health. Unlike other plastic bags, biodegradable food storage bags decompose quickly in a natural landfill environment, only taking 6 months to 1.2 years, making them very eco-friendly.

2/ How to choose food storage bags

On the market today there are many types of food storage bags of many different brands. Choosing the best product will probably be confusing to consumers. As Minh Sang explains below, four basic criteria need to be considered when selecting food storage bags, including their tightness, thickness, size and heat resistance.

How to choose food storage bags

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Check how well the bag can be sealed

When using food storage bags for liquids or fish meats, the tightness of the bag’s mouth is a very important consideration. By sealing the bag, you will improve food preservation as well as prevent leaks. Better sealing can be achieved with two zip lines than with only one.

Choose a bag with a thickness of 0.07 mm or more

Most food storage bags on the market share the same material as PE plastic, so the factor that determines the quality of the bag is the thickness. The most common thickness is 0.06 mm. No matter how well the bag’s mouth is sealed, food inside can still be oxidized by air if the bag is too thin.

In contrast, too thick and too hard food storage bags will entangle when they are used, but for freezing, you should choose thick and highly tight bags. Picking ones that are at least 0.07 mm thick is recommended.

Choose the size and type of bag according to your needs

Depending on the type and amount of food to be stored, there are different ways to choose food storage bags. A multi-size composite in one bag that may be used in a variety of settings is an option if demand is not too high.

For large foods or with water or liquid, vertical bottom zipper bags will be the most suitable choice. When storing meat, fish or leftover food, you should also choose this bag with a standing bottom.

Heat resistance of bags

Most food storage bags can be frozen, but not all are microwave or high-temperature safe, so always read the product packaging before using.

When defrosting food with hot water, the bag shouldn’t be placed directly into the pot of boiling water on the stove since doing so would allow the hot pot or boiling water to come into contact with the bag and melt it.

Should food storage bags be reused?

Most zipper bags are made for single-use purposes. It is still argued that washing and drying the bag will make it reusable, but the bag will not remain as airtight as it was when it was first made. So, it’s best to only use food storage bags once.

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