What are biodegradable bags? Revealing things that not everyone knows about

What are biodegradable bags? Some people believe they are bags that, when discharged into the environment, will quickly decompose such as firewood, wood, leaves … Others think that this is actually a plastic bag, capable of decomposition based on somehow. How about you? What do you think about biodegradable bags?

1 / What are biodegradable bags?

In fact, in terms of name, there is no plastic bag capable of decomposing on its own like leaves, wood… Names such as septic bags or decomposition bags … are variations when people pass their names around. The exact name of these bags is biodegradable bags or fully biodegradable bags.

A biodegradable bag is a bag that still uses plastic as a raw material. This explains why the properties of biodegradable bags are not much different from conventional plastic bags.

According to the composition table, plastic particles will account for about 50%. The remaining 40% is starch ingredients (cornstarch, flour, tapioca …). Flour ingredients are the “key” to make a difference, which enables the bag to decompose quickly. The remaining ingredients are organic decomposition aids.

2 / The decomposition mechanism of biodegradable bags

Thus, unlike ordinary plastic bags, the composition table of biodegradable bags uses 50% of plastic particles, 40% of starch, and the rest is an organic aid. This is a table of gold components to create a decomposition mechanism by the action of microorganisms.

The decomposition mechanism of biodegradable bags

Specifically, the above ingredients are put into the mixer to form plastic beads. These plastic resins are different from ordinary plastic particles, which are the starchy plastic circuit structure. When discharged into the environment, under the right conditions of temperature and humidity, the plastic particles will ferment due to the starch component in the plastic circuit, creating microorganisms that eat plastic beads. With this mechanism, it will shorten the decomposition time from 500-1000 years of normal plastic bags to only 6 months of decomposition and 5-10 years of complete decomposition, reducing the impact on the environment.

3 / Are biodegradable bags really quality?

When knowing the ingredients table, some businesses can not keep out of the question: whether when reducing the number of plastic particles and replacing with starch, the biodegradable bag will ensure the quality as normal plastic bags in terms of durability. , tough, water-permeable … like normal plastic bags or not?

Are biodegradable bags really quality?

In fact, if you look on the surface, many people will not be able to distinguish between biodegradable bags and normal plastic bags. This is because biodegradable plastic bags have the same physical properties as regular plastic bags, including:

  • Water repellency
  • The bag is smooth, thin, tough
  • The bag is capable of carrying a large amount of weight

Therefore, biodegradable bags are favored by many businesses, widely applied in many fields from food, fashion, health, electronics, garments, export …

4 / Is the durability of biodegradable bags high?

Durability is also a concern of many businesses in biodegradable bags. In fact, the reduction of the number of plastic particles instead of wheat starch alternating into the plastic circuit does not affect the quality of packaging. After the plastic pellets are laminate and blown into the packaging, the biodegradable bag still has the features of a regular plastic bag.

However, if biodegradable bags are purchased in large quantities, businesses need to know how to store them at the appropriate temperature and humidity to avoid reducing the durability of the bags.

5 / Are biodegradable bags safe?

Since it is not so popular, many consumers wonder about the safety of biodegradable bags. Businesses wonder if they can use a compost bag to store food or not.

According to the ingredients table, the plastic content in biodegradable bags is lower than that of conventional plastic bags, this not only increases the decomposition capacity but also minimizes harmful effects on consumers’ health. Therefore, it is entirely possible to use biodegradable plastic bags to store food, just note that not for hot food.

Are biodegradable bags safe?

6 / How to identify biodegradable bags?

On the outside, it is difficult to distinguish what is a normal plastic bag and what is a biodegradable bag. One tip to help you identify a biodegradable bag is that it often has a starch fragrance. Especially when burned, it will be flammable, the fire is blue and does not smell like ordinary plastic bags because of the low plastic content.

7 / Are biodegradable bags expensive or cheap?

Price is not a small concern for businesses. How do we use environmentally-friendly biodegradable bags to get the sympathy of consumers but also optimize costs?

In fact, the cost of Biobased plastic resins to produce biodegradable bags is not cheap, their cost is higher than some plastics. Therefore, the cost of biodegradable bags is also not really low, especially if it is a quality product. However, in terms of long-term profits, investment in biodegradable bags will bring businesses sustainable benefits in building, promoting brands, and trust with customers.

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