Color PE Bag

1/ what is PE Bag ? 

A PE (Polyethylene) bag is a bag made from PE plastic (virgin PE is clear white and recycled PE is opaque or opaque). PE bags are very thin, light, flexible and smooth, and are widely used in all industries in our lives such as clothing, goods in supermarkets, stores, medical equipment, etc. food…

There are many types of PE bags such as PE polybags, printed PE bags, side folding, bottom presses, printing glue … Each product line is used for different purposes for each specific field.

2/ How many colors are there in PE bags?

PE bags are not too diverse in colors and materials like HD material. Currently, plain PE bags are available in the following basic colors:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red

3. The advantages of colored PE bags of all kinds

Not as fussy about design as other bags, but PE bags have a glossy, flexible, supple and smooth surface, so even though they are less colored, they exude a delicate and luxurious beauty.

The simple design makes PE bags smooth, all kinds of colors are suitable for many different fields, increasing the value of the product. Currently, the cost of color PE bags of all kinds is also low to help businesses optimize costs better.

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