Eco Zipper Bags And Everything You Need To Know About It 

Since its inception, eco zipper bags have received the favor of many people who love the environment. They have a fast decomposition time, contributing to reducing global plastic waste. You are wondering what are the advantages of this bag? How can it be used? Is it really safe or not? Find out in this article!

1. What are eco zipper bags?

eco zipper bags

If the ordinary plastic packaging has plastic beads as the main ingredient, eco zipper bags are produced with the ratio of ingredients: about 50% of PE plastic beads, 40% of wheat starch, and 10% of other organic substances that can speed up the decomposition process. 

Instead of taking up to 100 years or even 1000 years to decompose like plastic bags, eco zipper bags can be decomposed in about 6 months to 2 years and after about 10 years can be completely decomposed.

In terms of structure, eco zipper bags have the mouth of the bag attached with a zip line, they help to preserve food and goods better. Moreover, opening and closing the bag is also very easy. Thanks to this clever design, zipper bags can help you preserve both solid and liquid foods.

2. Some features of eco zipper bags you need to know

Faced with the consequences of climate change, which is partly caused by plastic waste, people tend to use eco-friendly products and eco zipper bags are one of them. Specifically, this bag has the following features:

  • The bag has a smooth, silky surface. When touched by hand, it brings you light and friendly feeling. 
  • The bag can biodegrade in the ideal environment of humidity, temperature, and light. Plus, the decomposition time is much shorter than that of ordinary plastic bags.
  • The composition of the bag does not contain harmful substances, so it does not affect health when used.
  • Smart zip bag mouth design, good food preservation from environmental impacts.
  • But, the cost is higher than regular plastic bags.

3. Can eco zipper bags be biodegradable after use?

eco zipper bags

The decomposition mechanism of eco zipper bags is one of the issues that many people are interested in. Many people think that bags can biodegrade as soon as they are no longer in use, but in fact, their decomposition requires conditions.

After use, the bag is buried in an environment that meets the standards of humidity, light, temperature, and the decomposition of the bag will take place. 

Specifically, microorganisms will appear and proceed to eat starch and at the same time destroy plastic particles. In the end, the decomposition products will be water, co2, biomass – they are not harmful to the environment, on the contrary, they can also be used as fertilizer for plants.

4. How many types of biodegradable zipper bags are there?

eco zipper bags

Currently, businesses, as well as households, are using 2 popular types of eco zipper bags:

  • Eco zipper bag with an edge: This is a zip bag with 2 small zip lines at the mouth of the bag. They help to preserve food and goods better. When using, you will separate the two zip lines, put food in, and swipe the two zip lines together. This design is extremely convenient, easy to operate, so it is very popular with many people.
  • Eco zipper bag with lock button: Compared with the edge zippered bag, this type of zipper bag has better food preservation ability and higher airtightness. The mouth of the bag is equipped with a lock button, when opening and closing the bag is also much faster. In addition, this type of bag gives the product a luxurious look that every business loves. 

5. How can eco zipper bags be used?


Using eco zipper bags is becoming a new consumer trend. Although this type of bag has the main ingredient of wheat flour, its characteristics are not inferior to ordinary packaging products. Therefore, they are used extremely widely such as: Used in the field of food, fashion, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, …

In particular, this type of bag is used a lot to store food because they are tested to be safe for health and does not affect the quality of the food inside.

6. The reasons why you should use eco zipper bags today

Environmental protection is one of the biggest reasons why many people today use eco zipper bags instead of regular plastic bags. However, in addition to being beneficial to the environment, you will be surprised with the following benefits when using eco zipper bags:

  • Safe for health: The main ingredient of this bag is wheat starch and the composition of plastic particles is very little (only about 40 percent) and /completely harmless to the health of the user. Even when you use it to store hot food, the bag does not release any harmful chemicals.
  • Store food longer: Designed with a strong zip bag mouth with good air resistance, dirt resistance, and moisture resistance, zipper eco-bags can preserve food well. In particular, your food inside does not easily fall out no matter how far you move or store it in the refrigerator.
  • Beautiful design: This bag has a square shape, produced in a variety of sizes and very beautiful designs. When stored, it can increase the value and luxury of your food. 
  • Reduce plastic waste: Thanks to the quick decomposition time (6 months to 2 years), using eco zipper bags means you are contributing to reducing plastic waste, protecting the natural ecosystem in a way very significant.
  • Can be used in many fields: Zipper bags are convenient and durable, so they can be applied to many different fields such as food, clothing, medical, electronics,… Whether you are a business person or a person. For households, the zipper eco bag offers the perfect packaging and preservation solution.

7. Where can you buy the best eco zipper bags? 

Currently, not many units are capable of producing standard eco zipper bags. Therefore, to be able to choose the best product with the ability to truly protect the environment, you need to find reputable units.

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