Designing and printing plastic packaging: things you need to know

To have beautiful packaging, attract customers, promote well the brand, printing plays an extremely important role. What factors should be paid attention to when printing, in order to help your business’s paper bags create an impression on the viewer but optimize costs? Let’s check out some notes below:

1/ Materials:

Plastic bags are made from a various number of materials such as PE, PVC, PET, PC, PP,… The colors of plastic bags will be different depending on the materials used. Today, PE is the most commonly used plastic material for manufacturing plastic bags because it has good protection of the product inside, anti-moisture, and after printing, the color is also sharp and outstanding.

2/ Packaging printing technique

The printing technique will determine the sharpness, the printed image as well as the percentage of ink smudged, how long to use it … Therefore, this is also the note that businesses need to pay attention to when printing packaging in order to produce beautiful, quality products. Popular plastic printing techniques include digital printing, Flexo printing, screen printing, gravure printing, and offset printing. In which, the gravure printing technique is highly appreciated for its quality and chosen by many businesses.

Gravure printing, also known as concave printing, is a printing method that uses a copper-plated printing cylinder with 100 microns thick, and printing elements are deeply engraved images and letters below the surface of the cylinder. Non-printing areas appear on the surface of the printing roller and all concave forms are printed primarily in rolls.

Unlike other printing techniques, Gravure printing has outstanding advantages:

  • High precision.
  • Ability to restore high-quality images.
  • The durability of the large printing roller can be reprinted for use.
  • Printing speed reaches 200m / min.

However, this printing technique has a drawback which is its high cost and requires a large print volume of 500,000 rpm or more. With nearly equal quality, to optimize costs, businesses can use screen-printing technology.

3/ Packaging design template

Printing materials and techniques are only complementary to the promotional messages and images on the packaging. The deciding factor is still the packaging design. A beautiful, unique, harmonious design will attract the attention of customers. So how to create an impression with customers and increase product competitiveness with other products on the market?

In addition to ensuring the preservation use of the packaging, the business should pay attention to choosing the color, layout, background font, number of images, and words suitable for the package size. Packaging design needs to be harmonious, intertwined, and highlighted to highlight the main content.

4/ Packaging printing unit

Choosing a packaging printing company with experience, knowledge of materials, and use of modern printing technology will help businesses create beautiful, sharp printing packages and better promote their brands.

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